Larry Smith

“Be an optimist that worries often.” That’s the sage advice of former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright contained in the new book, “The Best Advice in Six Words.” The book features concise wisdom from a wide range of public figures including author Dave Eggers, actress Molly Ringwald and Craigslist founder Craig Newmark. We’ll talk to Larry Smith, founder of the popular Six Word Memoir project, about what he learned while compiling snippets of life advice for the new book. We’ll also ask him what it’s like to watch a version of himself on the Netflix series “Orange is the New Black,” which was based on his wife, Piper Kerman’s, memoir. And we want to hear from you — in six words — what’s the best advice you’ve ever given or received?

Larry Smith Offers ‘The Best Advice in Six Words’ 4 December,2015forum
  • Chris OConnell

    Good advice needs more than six words.

    • Chris OConnell

      OK. Some good things can be said in 6 words, but it is a bit of a silly project. As if 140 characters isn’t dumbing it down enough!

  • fenwayfruk

    Don’t complain, don’t explain, be positive.

  • lois

    Please take birth control before sex

  • Edwina Yvonne DiSilvestre

    In relationships communication is the key

  • Becky_becky

    Embrace and sustain all beings.

  • David

    Let the club do the work

  • Robert Thomas

    “Neither a borrower, nor a lender”

    • Robert Thomas

      Hmm… In light of the arithmetically-impaired caller, I’m reminded that Polonius’s dictum is a bit of a Rorschach inkblot.

  • krisspdesigner

    Life is what you make it.

  • Ben Rawner

    Live everyday like its your last

  • Charles S Ford

    Not every person is your friend.

  • Michael Waters

    Never do it, call a meeting.
    Don’t wait for the perfect day.
    Keep your forks, we’ll have pie.

  • De Blo

    One cannot be Christian and conservative.

  • John Harden

    Nobody cares how hard you work

  • De Blo

    Life down here began up there.

  • Scott Johnson

    Make an alliance with your enemy

  • Everybodhi

    expect nothing, be ready for everything

  • jason

    Do or do not. there is no try!

  • Charles S Ford

    it’s good to have a skill. I’m a Tailor. 🙂

  • jason

    Truly wonderful the mind of a child is!

  • Debbie Neff McKee

    when going through hell…keep going W. Churchill

  • SfoErin

    Know me first before personal questions.

  • Robert Thomas

    Illegitimi non carborundum

    is only three words of fake latin but I sort of like the loose fake truncated translation

    “Let the bast___s wear you down.”

    Cabochons are nice.

  • Ali Kanat

    Add crunch and keep saying yes

  • “It’s time to change your filter.” I loved this from a caller on the show today.

  • Monica Murphy Alatorre

    Never deny, seldom affirm, always distinguish.

  • De Blo

    All of this has happened before.

  • lori

    Never panic, always breathe.

  • Arram

    Sometimes you have to break the rules

  • Ben Rawner

    How come ISIS has not attacked Israel?

  • Mani Sheriar

    Give all the love you can ????

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