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Scientists report that an algae bloom spreading from California to Alaska is poisoning marine life and has quickly become one of the most toxic blooms they’ve ever seen. Abnormally warm water temperatures are allowing the bloom, which produces a dangerous neurotoxin, to grow quickly — up to 40 miles wide in some parts. Crab fisheries and the anchovy market have already been affected. We’ll talk to scientists who are tracking the toxic bloom about its impact on marine life and humans.

Toxic Algae Bloom Poisons Marine Life From California to Alaska 19 August,2015forum

Raphael Kudela, professor of ocean sciences and chair of ocean health at UC Santa Cruz and leader of a regional project that monitors the waters in Monterey Bay and Southern California
Vera Trainer, scientist, marine biotoxic program, Northwest Fisheries Science Center

  • jurgispilis

    Shouldn’t we talk about stabilizing human population growth? I said talk, I didn’t say kill your grandmother. As our human population grows and expands, we do so at the expense of our brother and sister species. Hasn’t our planet been placed here for their benefit, as well? How can humans be so selfish?

    • Jorge Carolinos

      People should be selfish in that they shouldn’t want to live or have their children live in the movie Soylent Green. Selfishness in this case would be a win for the planet and mankind.

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