Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Back in the 1950s, a thin book of poetry sparked a police raid of a San Francisco bookstore and a landmark court trial over selling “obscene” material. That book, “Howl & Other Poems” by Allen Ginsberg, put City Lights Publishers and its owner, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, on the literary map. This year, City Lights Publishers celebrates its 60th anniversary. We look back on its storied history and on its current place in the publishing world.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, at 95 from KQED News on Vimeo.

It All Started With a ‘Howl’: City Lights Publishers Celebrates 60 Years 16 July,2015forum

Elaine Katzenberger, publisher and executive director of City Lights Publishers

  • Erin Magee

    My family’s bookstore, Bay Book Company in Half Moon Bay, closed last night after close to 40 years in business. I am glad to see City Lights still in business in a time where bookstores are in such a state of uncertainty.

    • What are you doing with the shelving and books? I’m looking to start a shop somewhere in or near the Bay Area.

    • Renee Aubuchon

      I remember visiting your bookstore multiple times and am really sorry to hear it has closed. Thank you, Erin, that your family’s bookstore brought so much to Half Moon Bay for so long.

  • If anybody wants to start a bookstore contact me. I used to have one on Haight Street, and another on Valencia back in the “bad” days of the 1980’s. I’m looking for a partner. Right now I have about 20,000 choice used books to contribute and vast experience selling books through the mail. Hats off to City Lights!

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