Kristina Wong

Kristina Wong isn’t shy about tackling stereotypes about Asian-American women. The comedian, activist and performance artist has made a name for herself by addressing hot-button social issues head on, such as joking that men with fetishes for Asian women owe her reparations. Wong joins us to talk about turning racial taboos into comedy and about her new one-woman show: “The Wong Street Journal.”

  • Another Mike

    If I have a stereotype about Asian women it is that they are bossy. “My way or the highway” comes to mind.

    • Another Mike

      Yeah, that wasn’t exactly a witty riposte. I think I will give her show the go-by.

    • Aidan Robson

      My wife is Asian and bossy, perhaps thats more a female thing since every strong woman I’ve ever dated was strong willed or bossy.

      • Another Mike

        The usual Asian stereotype is a compliant worman.

        • Tammy

          Seems to contradict your original post. One interesting observation – I think a lot of high-powered Asian women are a bit “bossy”, and I wonder if it’s in response to the stereotype of subservience.

    • Kurt thialfad

      They are dangerous behind the wheel.

  • Sanfordia113

    Kristina is funny. She is slightly off on the Yellow fever issue: Many Asian women in the USA are from families with strong values toward family and success. Too many white wonen– even those who make it to college– end up as ditsy sociology majors that spend all their time at sorority events, rather than expanding their mind and culture. Successful males of all races are attracted to successful attractive females. End of story.

    • Tammy

      First Gen Asian families in the US that support “strong values toward family and success” typically feel that that the woman’s role is to provide support to a successful husband. That doesn’t necessarily mean that education/working isn’t encouraged, but it is usually secondary to the husband/family needs. I think the stereotype of a subservient woman is mostly what “fuels” Yellow fever.

      • klf113

        Another POV….My daughter is from China. She is FIERCE. This exists & not talking about it is just as bad as participating in racial stereotypes, etc. “Yellow fever” does exist (“Oriental” is a derogatory term unless you are talking about furniture, decor or rugs. NOT people.) The “WEST” is not the center of the world. Men who want women who are subservient to them DO have this fetish & it is pretty rampant, still! I can only hope that our intelligent & strong Asian American young women & girls can put a stop to it. By speaking out. Like Kristina.

        • Tammy

          I mostly agree with you, but I think others (besides AA women) can also put a stop to it. AA’s should participate as well, but it isn’t just a issue for Asians, I think this effects the whole community. Respect all people.

    • Secreta Persona

      Ok, thanks for the mansplaining! Keep takin’ your red pills.

  • Howard Der

    Kristina, thank you for your efforts to shed light on mental health issues of Asian Americans

  • Ed

    Not Lowell, but, by chance, did you attend Mercy HS? If you’re the Kristina Wong I remember from her awesome contributions to Legacy (student poetry and micro-fiction) magazine, then I want to catch your show. When, where? – Saludos, Señor Ed

    • kristinawong

      We did add a Sunday show at 7pm.

      • Ed

        Gracias, I got two tickets for Sunday at 7:00, my 96-year old mother and I will be there! It was delightful to hear you on Forum, and we are excited to be going on Sunday. Hasta la vista.

  • Hi Kristina, after the serious conversation about Rachel d., I might need a comedienne’s protective here. What do those of us who are white, but grew up in the ninth ward if new Orleans knowing only black people and going to segregated black schools do?. I refuse to label myself white and will walk out if most rooms full of white people because I dont feel a part of American or European white culture, banking, power, politics, etc. I have Been more than an ally, I also identify as black internally, and have been homeless, am lgbt, trans, etc. I understand privilege, and fight against it, even to the point of giving up jobs I thought I got over a person because if their outsides. I equally fight against all inequality. Am I black or white, can I ever hope to be Asian?

  • Ed

    Thanks, got it:

    June 17-21
    The Wong Street Journal WORLD PREMIERE in San Francisco!
    Presented by Circuit Network
    at Z Below
    Buy tickets!

    • kristinawong

      Señor Stering! So glad to hear from you!!

  • let me paint stereotypes and say yours are wrong….

  • Aidan Robson

    Tried to get tickets for Sundays show as I checked out somebody had already bought them. Need more show times

  • roberth

    thank u kristina i work with social conditioning and the isms. and i love that you do that plus make people laugh. thinking deeply and laughing what a combo.
    thanks robert

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