When Eve Pell met a charming, handsome runner, she found herself swept into a whirlwind romance. The two fell in love and got married. She was 71, he was 81. In her new book, “Love, Again: The Wisdom of Unexpected Romance,” Pell tells stories of late-in-life romance and makes the case that the “the heart doesn’t have to age.”

Eve Pell, journalist, nationally ranked distance runner and author of "Love, Again: The Wisdom of Unexpected Romance"; also author of "We Used to Own the Bronx: Memoirs of a Former Debutante"

  • Estelle

    I’m 83, but when 82 and in a foreign country, I met a very young man whose company I really enjoyed. He caught me very much by surprise when he asked me to dinner, which was simply at a food court. Next “date” was tea in the afternoon. Eventually he told me he would really like to hold me! And after a serious conversation he told me he really loved me. We spent a few days together before I returned here. He still calls me.

  • Brea Van De Bogert-Didato

    I absolutely agree with Eve. My parents are divorced. My father has had no difficulty dating, and dating women who are a lot younger. My mother however, an active woman in her 60’s cannot find a date. It’s so sad to watch her struggle and accept she will be alone. She is a yoga instructor, marathon runner, hiker. The men who reach out to her on dating sites are much older than she is and are not active, the beer drinking, hunting, football watching men with no desire to hike outside. Why does she have to concede to loneliness because she is a woman in her 60’s. It’s not just her, I have several friends in their 50-60’s who have conceded to single status because they can’t find a man to date in their age range. Those men don’t even consider them a viable candidate for love because they want a “bouncy”, “young”, “energetic” woman. I say, just stop it. Where is the dating site for realistic men and women above 50 to meet? One that would post an error message for those men who enter an age range 20 years younger, ERROR: this site is for educated individuals who understand the value and beauty of women in her adult years.

    • Hi Brea, we heard Michael read your comment on air and felt we had to reach out. We are, a online companionship community exclusively for people over the age of 50. We verify all members when they sign up, and do not let anyone under the age of 50 join the community – ever! This is unlike any of the other website out there, which are full of scammers, con artists, and gold diggers. Hope this helps! 🙂

      • Brea Van De Bogert-Didato

        Is the membership priced appropriately for people living on a budget?

        • Yes, the pricing definitely is. We wanted to put together something that worked for everyone. Right now you can sign up, verify your identity, browse, and Stitch/message for Free. We have a free forever subscription, as well as verification is free for a limited time (Normally a one-time fee of $10). We also have upgrade options of $9/mo and $19/mo. All pricing is here:

    • Sharon Brucker-Ius

      I so agree….

  • Rickey Dean

    Eve thank you for making my friend Dan Silva happy again. We all suffered with him with passing of his wife. How fortunate it was for both of you meet —and I am so happy to see that smile creep across his face again. Earl Rhue

  • Guest

    Overheard a conversation at a Starbucks the other day.
    A young man and a young woman were lamenting what a total waste of time online dating is, despite the media’s hype.
    They got up and left, and were replaced by some retired people who began bragging about their million dollar homes in Hillsborough.
    Very odd.

  • Beth Grant DeRoos

    As a widow who was a caregiver for 14 years, I dread becoming a caregiver again so avoid falling in love. Is it easier if someone is divorced vs widow/widower?

    • ES Trader

      I don’t think it matters.

      It’s chemistry that matters but I believe that, initially, at least it’s important to be interesting.

      Men, generally, like sports, so to be conversant about the Warriors, Giants, A’s in the Bay Area would be a plus.

      Even if the guy is not sports oriented, and is a reader, environmentalist etc, it would not harm anyone to broaden their interests.

      By the way the NBA All Star game is Sunday, the Warriors are represented by Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, The “:Splash Bros”, the ATT pro-am is at Pebble Beach, with “the Masters” coming in April( will Tiger play?), “March Madness” ( NCAA Basketball Tournament) is next month and of course Spring Training also begins, so that should be your home work for awhile.

  • Cathy

    What was the site they mentioned seniors have to date similar ages?

    • Hi Cathy, We have heard from a lot of our members that the people on other sites may not be truthfully portraying who they really are, or on the site for the right reasons. This is why we verify all members in our community to keep it very safe and secure.

      • Cathy

        Sorry to hear that. But you’re saying is the best place to go, or at least one of them?

        • Yes, we are working hard to creat a very safe community for people over 50 looking for romantic or non-romantic companionship, as well as activity partners and travel companions. I recommend giving Stitch a look if online companionship/dating (As well as offline events and travel opportunities) is something you are looking for. 🙂

    • Brea Van De Bogert-Didato


      My mother tried as well, it was not a good experience for her. Not many options, and a lot of men not honestly representing themselves.

      • Meave

        I tried OurTime as well, but there were far too many imposters lurking there. I really like the fact that has mandatory verification (free right now) for members. 🙂

    • Meave

  • Hi there! We are really enjoying listening to this as a team, and thinks it really relates to our mission. We are an online companionship community for people over 50, that actually verifies all of our members, unlike the other websites out there. No one under 50 is ever let on. We think you will like what you see 🙂 And we believe our co-founders would be great for your next segment on companionship/dating later in life.

    • Meave

      I live in the greater Sacramento area and look forward getting new members out my way. 🙂

      • That’s great! We are working very hard to keep growing in the greater Sacramento area 🙂

  • Joan Price

    The progressive home that Eve referred to is the Hebrew Home in Riverdale. They have an exemplary sexual rights policy.

    I also fell in love in later life. Thanks to that life-altering relationship, I started writing books about senior sex at age 61. Ten years later, there’s still more to say (hence a brand new book!), more concerns to address, more questions to answer, more tips that can help people enrich their sex lives, partnered or solo.

    I’m so happy that Eve is bringing later-life love out in the open. Thank you for having her on Forum.

    • Dan Goldes

      Joan Price’s books are great reads. I’ve just started her latest, “The Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50” and it, like her others, is funny, interesting, sensitive, informative, and nonjudgemental. Love and sex after 50 are different than they were when we were younger and it’s time to stop pretending otherwise. Kudos to Joan and Eve!

  • qed listener

    question, why is there a double standard in terms of ‘financial stability’. example, on a dating web-site, women can openly state this requirement, men cannot.

  • Noelle

    really interesting perspectives shared today. thanks

  • OldVet

    I met my true love when I was 50, and she: 58. So far twenty years of bliss and many more, we hope. We live one day at a time and love makes you young. We are cultivating each other….. what an honor it is to be human. The exploration of that, humanity, ours and others, through story, history, the arts…. isn’t that what life is about? And giving back in some way.

    I am not saying that bliss is without salt. Can’t you hear Nero fiddling and we must all do our part as elders to avert collapse. Oh, one more thing. Yes, she is 8 years my senior. It matters little at this age when character is the main point. The demographic tables say we will wink out about the same time. But the quality of love… engagement, respect, curiosity I sense will add twenty years to the wise end of life, whatever your respective ages.

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