On Friday, a judge issued a temporary ruling that may allow City College of San Francisco to resubmit evidence in its fight to maintain accreditation. We’ll discuss the decision and its possible effects on the college.

Nanette Asimov, higher education reporter for The San Francisco Chronicle
Barbara Beno, president of the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges
Tim Killikelly, American Federation of Teachers Local 2121 president

  • Ckmeagher

    Why weren’t any representatives from CCSF invited?

  • Francine Podenski

    Krasny just announced the CCSF representatives were invited but the CCSF office that was contacted didn’t provide a representative. Glad that Tim Killikelly, AFT 2121 president, learned about this early this morning, left an event he was attending, called in and is now being included.

    • Ckmeagher

      Someone really dropped the ball on this one.

  • Sam Badger

    The absurdity is that CCSF had its accreditation taken away by a body which is not accountable to the public, and whose standards are not those which best serve the community. The people of SF want CCSF open, they like the services it provides, and many transfer to other institutions who take its classes seriously. Students don’t care about some outsider’s standard for administrative efficiency, they care about getting a good education. The only people discrediting the education given at CCSF is the accreditation committee.

    The real worry here is private political forces are imposing their vision of what community colleges should look like, and taking away San Francisco’s right to have a community college on its own terms.

    • Another Mike

      We did it to ourselves. From the California Code of Regulations:
      5 CCR § 51016
      § 51016. Accreditation.
      Each community college within a district shall be an accredited institution.
      The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges shall
      determine accreditation.
      Note: Authority cited: Sections 66700 and 70901, Education Code. Reference: Section 70901, Education Code.

  • poinsot

    What about the sudden unannounced shutdown of the civic center campus without notification to teachers or students and second announcement to sell the property to the highest bidder? What kind of planning and administration is running this place?!? I have been supportive of CCSF in the accreditation mess but these latest moves along with the even latest announcement to develop their half of the parking area leaves me stunned. Is there something I’m missing?? It seems to me that CCSF was just waiting for a favorable ruling on the accreditation to make this announcements, not of a planning process, but of properties for sale.

  • catherine L

    Beno’s glib dismissals fail to acknowledge the Judge’s findings that the ACCJC accred. process is not helping the California Community Colleges. The ACCJC perspective is to push against education access, to ration education, and to kill the mission of CCSF.

  • Ckmeagher

    Someone got the lawyer, Steve Bruckman, to call in.

  • catherine L

    Remember the original damage: ACCJC said close down a community resource of education for issues of finance and governance. Really. Right after the biggest financial crisis in US history and the biggest surge in community college enrollement and de-funding.

  • Ckmeagher

    Lillian Marrujo-Duck, Academic Senate President called in as well. Made excellent points about lack of local (faculty) expertise in making these sudden decisions such as Civic Center.

  • Francine Podenski

    Here is a short 6 minute video that those with questions about Civic Center Campus closure will find informative:

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