Connie Nielsen

Actress Connie Nielsen first entered the Hollywood spotlight with her role in Ridley Scott’s “Gladiator,” and went on to win awards for her role in “Brothers.” She joins us to discuss her career, including her appearance in Lars Von Trier’s controversial “Nymphomaniac.” The Marin resident will also talk about being a woman of a certain age in Hollywood, and her humanitarian aid project in Kiberia, Kenya.

Connie Nielsen, actress and co-founder of the Human Needs Project, which provides clean water to residents of Kibera, Kenya

  • ES Trader

    Kevin Costner ?

  • ES Trader

    This is not criticism of your effort in Nairobi but I just heard a story on NPR yesterday that Navajo tribes in Northern New Mexico do not have running water and some resort to melting snow when the roads are inaccessible to truck it in>

  • No_Slack_Jack

    Gladiator: Excellent movie, wonderful, rich role.

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