Bioneers CEO and co-founder Kenny Ausubel

Biomimicry, ecosystem restoration, grassroots movement building and climate change are the types of issues the Bioneers Conference addresses each year, bringing together scientists, innovators, business leaders and activists. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the conference. We talk with co-founder and CEO Kenny Ausubel about what the organization has achieved and what projects are on the horizon.

Kenny Ausubel, CEO and co-founder of Bioneers

  • Martha Swaim

    Yes! I am opposed to the idea of corporations as people. I have been disturbed that corporations were granted human rights while we are still waiting for the Equal Rights Amendment for Women to pass. To Mother Nature, however, equal rights are long over due. Every decision we make needs to take the well being of the planet and nature in consideration, if we are to consider our own well being. Otherwise, we are all living on a ship of fools.

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