Alonzo King Lines Ballet's Kara Wilkes and Yujin Kim.

Are you wondering how to fill your cultural calendar this autumn? We team up with KQED’s “The Do List” for our annual fall arts preview. The hosts of “The Do List,” Cy Musiker and David Wiegand, reveal their picks for the best upcoming Bay Area arts events — in music, theater, dance, visual art and comedy.

Meklit Hadero, musician and lead artist for "Home (away from) Home," an experimental installation featuring artists in the Ethiopian and Eritrean communities of the Bay Area
Connie Wolf, director of the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University
Cy Musiker, reporter for KQED News and co-host of "The Do List"
David Wiegand, executive features editor for The San Francisco Chronicle and co-host of "The Do List"

  • ES Trader

    a full hour for this and 30 minutes for ISIS ?!

    The 5 minutes every Friday morning prompts me to rush to mute fast as I can .

    • darqmyth

      ISIS is in Syria and Iraq….Bay area art events are….well here….some people actually live…well you know…here….and actually do things where they live…you know…like here. Every waking moment can’t be about over there….

      • darqmyth

        And before you get out the rhetorical steely knives…just a little friendly tweak.

        • ES Trader

          well you know when ISIS sponsored attack happens here, you know, well then you know, Rap will be be-headed, you know before Rap can you know before hip hop can you know come up with another unintelligible crap that passes for art you know and be-head all the rapsters and make them remove their you know shades and you know pull up their pants you know

          • darqmyth

            WOW…..absolutely joyfully….I wonder if Costco sells large economy sized cans of “sense-o-humour”. And rap????? DOUBLE WOW… wonders what one is trying to imply, hint at or shall I say profile…one wonders…and such naked hostility….because someone thinks it is acceptable to have a small discussion about Bay Area Art…as if Michael Krasny and his panel are experts on ISIS….perhaps…..TRIPLE WOW…. If your remark wasn’t dripping such an almost cartoonish amount venom, a person could be offended, but WELL YOU KNOW…..

          • ES Trader

            You forgot ZAP!, BOOM !, WHOOSH ! what s the matter not familiar with TV Batman….probably too sophisticated for you to appreciate it…….stick with Rap, Im sure it has lasting value

          • darqmyth

            I hate rap… But I think you should stick with curmudgeon country, the NRA and Fox News, they have no lasting value, but neither does this vaguely racist, humour and wit free colloquy. I like a rapper, I bid you adieu.

          • ES Trader

            about time. maybe there is a god.

            By the way it is you that is the racist because like all racists

            , you ASSUME, jump to conclusions and as always use the racist card.

  • tom rusert

    The third annual “Wine Country Optics & Nature Festival” will over host 50 artists, nature organizations and optics companies at the beautiful Cornerstone Gardens. Visit – for more details or phone 707-939-8007

  • csmarkham

    Meklit Hadero is a treasure. I so enjoyed hearing her medley and am looking up her albums as I write this. Her tonal flights and phrasing remind me of Regina Spektor. Beautiful!

    • Manning

      Me too. That was really an amazing performance. I’ve spent time in some other African countries, and I always amazed at the diversity.

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