California Aqueduct

We’ll discuss the latest news on the debate surrounding California Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed $7 billion water bond which was up for a vote Wednesday. The measure would allow the state to borrow billions of dollars to pay for groundwater cleanup, habitat restoration and new reservoirs.

Scott Detrow, KQED Sacramento bureau chief

  • Skip Conrad

    Beginning January 2015, San Francisco will no longer be served by pure Hech Hechy water, but rather by Hech Hechy water mixed with ground water. Yuck!

    • ES Trader

      I read/heard a few months ago that about 10% of SF treasure has always been non Hetch Hetchy

    • spaceship

      Hech Hechy tasted really good.

  • spaceship

    Get private and public business to convert their lawns into natural landscapes.

  • Kenneth

    Sounds like the $7 billion dollar bond is to keep existing
    maintenance/up keep/operations going. I compare this bond measure to
    the Stem Cell initiative where California legislators got the voter
    approval to borrow $3 billion with additional $3 billion needed to be
    paid for the interest. The only thing I notice that came out of that was
    CIRM (California Institute for Regenerative Medicine) which only hired
    about 10 people. The CIRM board created is comprised of the Governor,
    U.C. researchers/staff, and maybe Stanford researchers. Stem cell
    research at U.C and Stanford existed prior to the the passing of the
    Stem Cell initiative. Approving these bond measures is just for
    politician to siphon money to continue these projects. No new jobs were
    created in the case of the Stem Cell initiative. This Water Bond will
    be the same, politicians to siphon money to continue existing projects
    because money ran out. What are they doing with our tax dollars?

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