Ed Catmull

As a kid, Ed Catmull dreamed of creating the world’s first computer-animated movie. The co-founder of Pixar joins us for a look inside the prolific animation studio, including the meetings and “braintrust” sessions, where films like “Toy Story” and “Finding Nemo” were born. Catmull’s latest book is “Creativity, Inc.”

Ed Catmull, president of Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios, which he also co-founded, and author of "Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration"

  • Lance

    A question I’d like answered. How did Pixar balance the pressure of business interests and the art of making their creation. I bring this up given the problems with FX in Hollywood, Rhythm in hues being an example.

  • Robert Thomas

    Real matrix algebra or quaternions?

    Steve Jobs or Ivan Sutherland?

  • Ben Rawner

    What animated movie that was not made by Pixar did your guest like? Where does your guest draw new inspiration from?

  • tizzdogg

    Please ask ed catmull to address the legal case which has come to light recently that he engaged in wage fixing to prevent employee poaching between animation studios. As a professional animator I find this personally offensive, and since Catmull has been a lifelong hero of mine I find it deeply disappointing.

  • tonyMurta

    Forum ..did you put him on to promote his book..
    Did your
    producers not know that he has been colluding to keep artist wages down
    for years..in the bay area and LA.. ..while pixar and disney stock was
    going through the roof..

    may have had a lot to do with the whole business going abroad also..

    Pretty sure he dipped his hand into the honey pot to help himself though..

    right Ed? How were the bonuses…and the stock options

    hes a charlatan and a crook…very suprised at KQED for doing this…

    have you not seen this



    • tonyMurta

      apologies KQED..
      you did mention pando Daily
      Ed seems to need to be under oath to tell the truth..
      suggest you swear him in next time…

  • skywryter

    Useen forces that stand in the way of True Inspiration… Like poverty, indentured servitude, wage theft? Seems Ed has this subject covered from all angles.

  • Guest

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