The State Capitol in Sacramento.

In a broadcast from our Sacramento studios we’ll talk state politics and examine some major bills awaiting action in the Capitol. And we’ll check in with two newly elected legislative leaders.

Kevin de Leon, Senate president pro tem-elect, representing the 22nd Senate District
Kristin Olsen, assembly Republican leader-elect representing the 12th Assembly District
Jessica Calefati, politics and state government reporter for the San Jose Mercury News
David Siders, reporter for the Sacramento Bee

  • Another Mike

    Governor Brown is the only adult in Sacramento.

    • Bob Fry

      I know what you mean, but pushing the idiotic crazy train and the twin water tunnels is less than childish, they will bankrupt us.

  • Bob Fry

    HSR: a boondoggle of colossal proportions. Use cap-and-trade fees to subsidize roof solar panels, for instance, not the crazy train.

  • Bob Fry

    Water Bonds: As a state water engineer I can say all water bonds for two decades have been little more than full-employment subsidizes for high-priced consultants and cheaper state engineers. Please vote against these wasteful and unproductive bonds, we’re all being lied to by the politicians.

  • Rob Gwin

    Your panel’s non-response to your first public caller’s question was disappointing. He asked something about why can’t we judge the candidates by their records and performance instead of all the contention and fighting. Neither of your guests seemed to take the question seriously — is that because political reporters thrive on the contention and fighting? That’s the impression I got.

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