William T. Vollmann

Prolific author William T. Vollmann is based in Sacramento, but he has traveled the globe to write about cross-dressing, violence, the settlement of North America, prostitution and Copernicus, among many other topics. In his new short story collection, Vollmann takes readers to diverse settings including Japan, the Balkans, Italy, South America and Mexico, while delving into themes of mortality, the afterlife and the supernatural.

William T. Vollmann, author of the new book "Last Stories and Other Stories," and of other books including the National Book Award-winning historical novel "Europe Central"

  • thucy

    Vollman telling ghost stories? Vollman is himself spooky for his monumental range and creativity.
    It’s weird to think how many fewer books he’s sold than any number of chick lit or management consulting books. Thanks for having him on the show.

  • Ben Rawner

    Has your guest felt any pushback from their family or friends because of his experiential lifestyle?

  • thucy

    Vollman on painting vaginas:
    “Well, it’s what we all came from.”
    For all his diving, the midwestern innocence and gentleness remains..

  • ES Trader

    Weren’t Muslims & Christians living side by side as friends anf neighbors in Sarajevo before the genocide began ? Sometimes knowing more about others simply exposes hatreds

  • Benjamincomma Greg

    i’m so happy my local public radio was broadcasting a show i did not want to hear, so i went kqed.org… i thought i must be dreaming – william t. vollman as a guest on Michael Kransy’s show? it turned out it was even better than a dream! i was suddenly awake in bed, hanging on every “um,” that wtv dropped, laughing along and being in the moment – i only got to hear the one-hour repeat broadcast – will make sure to share with my friends, will look for the longer podcast to hear more… was fortunate enough to hear wtv speak at the Booksmith on Haight (i lived next door for a while in the 90’s)… thanks for being part of what should be my own great weeklong adventure that started at about 3 am eastern time!

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