A banner at the 2013 GaymerX convention.

This weekend in San Francisco, LGBT people who love games — video games, board games, role-playing games — will gather for the second annual GaymerX convention. The convention aims to create a safe, accepting place for gay gamers who say they sometimes encounter homophobia in the gaming world, but can also feel like nerdy outcasts in the gay community.

Matt Baume, freelance reporter and photographer who just returned from a trip across the U.S. interviewing gay gamers
Sarah Schoemann, organizer with GaymerX

  • Mark SF

    Could we get a more narrow topic for discussion? This is just to broad.
    Maybe something like gay, gamers that belong to the Mormon Church, and
    are scuba divers.

    • David Kaye

      What’s more, I sent email to Forum and my comment wasn’t read that in the 19 years I’ve been running SF Games we have never EVER had any complaint about any GBLT about acceptance. I think that some KQED producer is friends with the people who run the gay games group and they put the guests on as a favor. Otherwise I can’t think of why my comment would have been excluded from Forum. Or am I missing something here?

  • itchbay

    I met Matt at PAX Prime last year and am so thrilled to hear him on with you this morning. Inclusiveness is an important topic in gaming, and I love how successful GaymerX is and how many of my friends are planning on attending this weekend.

    • Oh that actually wasn’t me! I didn’t go to PAX Prime. Maybe it was Matt Albrecht?

      • itchbay

        Oh. Maybe. Anyway, wish I could attend this weekend. Eagerly awaiting reports from friends who are there!

  • Andrew Whelan

    I am a gay game developer who works within the industry. I have struggled with investors and companies to convince them to develop games with positive LGBT themes. It is difficult to talk about these topics when you see the clear discomfort in the eyes of the game industry professionals who don’t want to address this topic. GaymerX is a good step forward! Showing that there is an actual community for LGBT in the gaming world is what we need to make it more accepted in the industry.

    • David Kaye

      OH BS…we’re all over creation. Having been a longtime GBLT activist I can say that a lot of GBLT folks create drama where there isn’t any. So many of them have persecution complexes that it when REAL discrimination happens it gets lost in the noise of the merit-less complaints. I have real credentials as a GBLT political organizer, a co-founder of the Pacific Center in Berkeley, co-director of SF Gay Rap, etc. I have seen this persecution thing all my life.

  • David Kaye

    The other day there were some guests on the KQED Forum radio show talking about a gay games group in SF they were promoting. The gist of the conversation was that GBLT folks feel left out or somehow excluded from games groups. I tried calling in and sending email to Forum to suggest that perhaps they’re exaggerating.

    For the record, in the years that I’ve coordinated SF Games, I’ve made absolutely certain that GBLT people feel welcome by posting it clearly on the website. Over the years we’ve had many gay men, some lesbians and bi folks, and at least a couple trans folks. From my conversations and feedback I’ve gotten, none of them felt excluded or in any way encumbered.

    So, just to make it clear, SF Games officially welcomes everybody, as long as you’re serious about playing games…so to speak. Website: http://www.sfgames.org

    –David Kaye, founder

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