Alan Furst

When critics describe the work of author Alan Furst, they often cite a movie: “Casablanca.” Furst is a master of the atmospheric spy thriller. His novels are typically set just before or during World War II, often in Paris, and feature dashing protagonists, tense plots and rich historical detail. Furst joins us to talk about his latest novel, “Midnight in Europe.”

Alan Furst, author of "Midnight in Europe" and of other books including "Mission to Paris" and "Spies of the Balkans"

  • Mrs. Eccentric

    Irish Wolfhound! When i was in high school i studied tuba with Floyd Cooley at his home in Fairfax (in Marin County) and he and his wife had the most beautiful and sweet Irish Wolfhound. Floyd played tuba in the SF Opera, he would strap his tuba on his back and ride his motorcycle over the Golden Gate Bridge. ah, the 1970’s! have fun you guys, steph

  • ES Trader

    love most of your shows; don’t hate the music but the theme music from 10 years ago is superior

  • Bill_Woods

    Soviet-Japanese conflict in the 1930s: Battles of Khalkhin Gol

  • MattCA12

    One of the best novelists writing today. His novels are thrilling and so descriptive. Do yourself a favor and pick up any one of them, you’ll be right in the thick of a dark Paris night, meeting your Resistance contact as you dodge the Gestapo and Vichy stooges…

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