Dan Hoyle

Bay Area actor and playwright Dan Hoyle has made a career out of one-man shows like “The Real Americans,” a series of sketches featuring characters based on the people he met while traveling through small towns. Hoyle is back with “Each and Every Thing,” a play that pokes fun at our online addictions. He takes us to a digital detox camp in Northern California and to the most famous coffeehouse of Calcutta, India, among other far-flung locations. We’ll talk about the show and Hoyle’s thoughts on how the digital age is changing us.

Dan Hoyle, actor and writer

  • LalĂ© Shafaghi

    Each And Every Thing is a hauntingly beautiful and incredibly honest theater piece by a brilliant artist. Dan Hoyle honors each and every person he encounters and every story he shares. I highly recommend seeing this show. I saw it once during previews and I will absolutely see it again!

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