The State Capitol in Sacramento

We’ll discuss the negotiations in Sacramento over the state budget.

John Myers, senior editor of KQED's Politics and Government Desk

  • Kim Alexander

    I hope you will discuss what is *not* in the budget – no money for state-mandated election programs like vote-by-mail, which counties are paying for even though the state is obligated by the Constituion to fund local programs it mandates. In the face of record low voter turnout it’s shameful that neither the governor nor the legislature can find the money to pay for the election programs they mandated. More here:

  • Bob Fry

    Where can we download a copy of the latest budget? The Dept. of Finance Website just says “Available Summer 2014”.

  • Skip Conrad

    What funds are allocated to care for undocumented foreigners residing in the state? What is the fiscal impact of California’s liberal immigration policy?

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