Anna Deavere Smith

Actor and playwright Anna Deavere Smith has made a career out of her own brand of documentary-style theater, exploring topics like the 1992 Los Angeles riots or problems with today’s health care system in her one-woman plays. In her new work-in-progress, “Field Notes: Doing Time in Education: The California Chapter,” the MacArthur Award-winning actor digs into whether the school system fails children of color. Smith interviewed over 100 Northern Californians involved in education, from teachers to community youth advisers, about why school dropouts are more likely to end up in prison.

Anna Deavere Smith, actor and playwright

  • jurgispilis

    Who are these “children of color”? What does skin color have to do with anything? Or perhaps you are talking about eye color? Hair?

    • MiltonDValler

      U know very well what it means. Anyone not Caucasian.
      Trying explaining the linguistic nuance to an ET.

  • michelle V.

    her performance is sold out tomorrow night. Any chance she’ll be doing this piece again somewhere sometime?

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