John Waters

If you saw a hitchhiker with a pencil mustache holding a sign that read, “I’m Not Psycho,” would you stop and pick him up? What if that hitchhiker turned out to be none other than filmmaker John Waters, of “Cry-Baby” and “Hairspray” fame? Waters thumbed rides all the way from Massachusetts to California, and he documents his adventures in a new book, “Carsick.”

John Waters, screenwriter and director of films including "Hairspray," "Cry-Baby," "Pink Flamingos" and "Dirty Shame," and author of books including "Carsick" and "Role Models"

  • Fay Nissenbaum

    I love John as a narrator. Please ask John about his involvement in the documentary, ‘Plagues & Pleasures on the Salton Sea’. His narration was perfectly dry, wry, and appropriate – and the doc was an eye opener!

  • David

    So great to here John Waters on Forum! John, you live here in San Francisco part time – what do you think about how much the tech industry is changing SF these days? Does it strike you when you come back?

  • Robert Thomas

    Dr Krasny, please thank Mr. Waters for me, for his entire oeuvre and especially for one of the finest snapshots ever included in a biography:

    “The Odd Duck Steps Out”.

    Precious to me.

  • Guest

    Did John Waters ever hang out at Farleys coffeeshop on Portero Hill? I was amazed to see John looking exactly like John – dressed in a white suit.

  • Pamela

    Please apologize for your comment “we’re gay not handicap” respect begets respect don’t be a bully or exclude people as human beings.

  • gez devlin

    How about Kitty’s Lounge in Balt, (3208 Greenmount Ave Baltimore, MD 21218) Sure they got edge out there…they make love on the pinball in Kitty’s — we used to have dive bars in the Mission too ;-o

  • Strandwolf

    Mr. Waters (okay–John…) have you seen the film Two Lane Blacktop–some good hitchhiking vignettes there…. Also, yay on you and Michael’s takes on karma!

  • Sharon Beals

    You can tell John that there used to be a John Waters look alike that frequented Farley’s.

    • Fay Nissenbaum

      Thank you.

  • Juneko Robinson

    I’ve been wanting to ask you this for years – Any plans for making that biofilm on Don Knotts starring YOU??? You spoke of it (rather jokingly, I know) on David Letterman some 25 years ago and my husband & I have been waiting with bated breath!

  • Tamara

    Just want to give a shout-out to John Waters for his role on The Simpsons many years ago. My daughter was young, she loved The Simpsons, and through the episode that featured John Waters, I was able to explain the concept of being gay to her. She is now 22 and actively supports gay rights.

  • Joan Broughton

    Thank you so much, Mr. Waters, for your humanity. I’ve been an admirer of yours since the 1970’s and am so delighted to listen to you today. Please keep up the good work of combining humor and humanity. The world needs it.

  • Pamela

    Learn to apologize, I hope when the show is over you will think about
    what you said both in your original comment and response. Basically you
    were saying I (we) are better than a disabled person

  • David

    Any chance of making that Wizard of Oz sequel where Dorothy gets locked in a mental hospital?

  • Geeze

    It was KSAN that got the SLA notes! Actually a fantastic story, the DJ’s at the time just had a reunion with stories at the Monkey House in Berkeley; Norman Davis, Dusty Street, and others.

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