Hassan El-Tayyab and Shiloh Parkerson of American Nomad

Hassan El-Tayyab was a special-ed teacher going through a rough patch in 2009 when he decided to hop in his Chevy Malibu and take a road trip through America. He settled in Berkeley and formed a new Americana music group with singer-songwriter Shiloh Parkerson. The band, American Nomad, describes itself as “modern-day troubadours tramping the dark and dangerous highways of the human soul,” from heartbreak to broken dreams, with a traditional folk sound. The group just released its new CD, “Country Mile.” They join us for a conversation and live performance.

Hassan El-Tayyab, musician and songwriter for American Nomad
Shiloh Parkerson, singer-songwriter for American Nomad
Adam Lowdermilk, upright bassist
Mikiya Masuda, dobro and pedal steel guitar player

  • marte48

    wonderful voices! thanks for this!

  • Hana Candelaria

    Loved this…made this morning’s ride to work even more pleasant 🙂

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