A group of Oakland public school third graders were given an assignment: interview your parents and grandparents, and record their stories about growing up in the U.S. or moving to this country. The local nonprofit running the project, ALICE Arts, found itself with over 400 oral histories — immigrant stories from Cambodia to Africa’s Gold Coast and beyond. The resulting radio documentary will air on KQED on May 31.

Albert Greenberg, co-artistic director of ALICE Arts
Helen Stoltzfus, co-artistic director and co-founder of ALICE Arts

  • Ajay

    Love this project. I am an Indian, an immigrant working in the tech industry. People in the bay area often have a misconception that I came in with a graduate student and work visa and have a privileged background. The truth is that I grew up in a house with one room with 7 of us. Parents, grandparents, my sister and my uncle. My parents were responsible for educating the last three of my dad’s brothers, who lived with us at various points. The memories of my childhood are very happy. My parents saved everything to give us all an education, I am ever grateful for that. It will be really hard for me to explain this to my daughters, but I will now.


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