Born in Mexico, artist Ana Teresa Fernandez has long been fascinated by the U.S.-Mexico border as well as identity and gender. Her first solo exhibition, “Foreign Bodies,” mixes photography, painted images, and video performance of a horse plunging into water to examine how women’s bodies have taken on political and social messages. Fernandez joins us in studio to talk about her work.

Artist Ana Teresa Fernandez: Art on the Border 28 May,2014forum

Ana Teresa Fernandez, artist whose recent exhibit is "Foreign Bodies"

  • Kathleen

    What recommendations does Ana have for an emerging artist who has been selling in the Bay Area for 3 years and would like to eventually get into a gallery? Thank you.

  • Guest

    Ana Teresa, I’m in Awe! Love you soooo much!

  • gez devlin

    Recently, leaving Marcala, SW Honduras, i heard the minibus driver exclaim, (paraphrasing), ‘no puedo superarlo mas, yo me voy mojado al norte… which i took to mean, i can’t take it anymore, i’m going to ‘wetback’ into the States, rather than, i’m gonna swim north!

    Maybe en el sur, the term ‘wetback’ is not so negative? Like gringo, it’s not always pejorative…

  • I am in Awe! I love the way that you talk! So clear! Thanks for Spreading the world your message!

  • adelala

    Thanks KQED for giving some well deserved airtime to a well deserved, hardworking artist who challenges the status-quo through her art. I’m a medical student, daughter of mexican immigrants, bay area born and raised. In my other life, I would’ve been an artist. Glad to hear Ana is promoting arts to underserved groups. Quien sabe what would’ve been. Thanks!

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