The Cocos Fire

The wildfires raging in San Diego County are raising statewide concern over what is shaping up to be a dangerous fire season. We’ll get an update on the situation in Southern California and discuss the best ways to reduce fire risk.

Nearly 10,000 Acres Burned in Southern California Wildfires 16 May,2014forum

Erik Anderson, staff reporter for KPBS
Bill Stewart, co-director of the UC Berkeley Center for Fire Research and Outreach
Daniel Berlant, CalFire spokesperson

  • Laurel Star

    Wildland fires are not “caused” by excess brush, they’re exacerbated by it. Most wildland fires are human-caused by stupid, negligent behavior. Abandoned campfires while camping in remote places, residential burning, welding, smoking etc…Addressing these causes of fire IGNITIONS is too complicated and un-macho compared to suppression activities thus the Forest Service and Calfire do very little to prevent fires from starting in the first place. The public is mesmerized by all the science-talk of fuel reduction and the chaos of suppression and homes burning but are completely unaware that land management agencies do little to stop fires from IGNITING in the first place. More patrols, closing public lands during santa ana wind events, having cops out in the woods, and having public fire-mlitia type patrols could do a lot to reduce ignitions, but its way too complex for the FS or Calfire to take on so they continue to project the same propaganda that fire ignitions are inevitable and just somehow “happen” every year.

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