Tony Kushner

Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Tony Kushner has returned to Berkeley Repertory Theatre for the West Coast premiere of his latest play, “The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Capitalism and Socialism with a Key to the Scriptures.” Kushner, who first came to prominence with his two-part work “Angels in America,” also wrote the screenplay for Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” among many other films. We’ll talk to him about the new play, his career and his political activism.

Tony Kushner, playwright and recipient of the White House's National Medal of Arts, the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, an Emmy Award, two Tony Awards, three Obie Awards and an Oscar nomination

  • Guest

    The time has come, I think, for the gays to please step aside already and make way for other groups who also deserve the limelight. For instance, hermaphrodites clearly are far more interesting and noteworthy, both in the modern context and in ancient history. Please, gays, have some humility. You’re not that important. If you can’t come up with something more novel than making social conservatives uneasy, or ruffling the feathers of religious nuts, which BTW is about as hard as making monkeys at the zoo go bonkers, then your 15 minutes of fame should be done already.

    • JuniorWoodpecker

      Whenever someone starts a statement with, ‘I’m not homophobic (or racist, anti-Semitic, ageist, etc.) one can almost always be sure that what follows will demonstrate that’s exactly what he is.

      • Guest

        No, monkey, that’s neither true, nor does it logically follow. That’s just what you want to believe… perhaps because the criticism above, which was meant for the sake of humor, actually applies to you?
        The truth that underpins my joke is indeed that groups that narcissistically demand the spotlight largely for the purpose of demanding respect deserve neither the spotlight nor respect.
        It’s true and you know’d it, if not the for the vacuum between your ears.

        • friarslantern

          That’s right, Guest. Tony Kushner ought to start writing about straight people. Or, Tony Kushner should just write his plays for himself. Or, Tony Kushner should write about *you* – ah, ok, now I catch your drift….

  • thucy

    Given Mr. Kushner’s interest in Soviet history, as indicated by his mordantly funny 1994 play “Slavs!”, why did he ever choose to collaborate with Spielberg, who has, by consistent omission, effectively denied the outsized Soviet sacrifice in WWII?
    The disparity in WWII casualties is shocking and unknown to most Americans: 500,000 US military casualties vs. twenty MILLION Soviet casualties (7 million Soviet combat casualties and 13 million Soviet civilian casualties.)
    Equally bad: the Kushner-Spielberg collaboration that was the film “Lincoln” was a travesty in its wholesale denial of Frederick Douglas and African-American agency. It really seemed like Kushner had sold his soul, Faustus-style, to Spielberg. Or maybe just massively sold out to the guy who holds so much power in Hollywood. Gross. And disappointing.

  • erictremont

    For the record, the NY stage hands Mr. Kushner referenced don’t make “only” $100,000 per year. As reported by the NY Times, their average annual total compensation (including benefits) is about $400,000. Yes, I know, this level of compensation may seem trivial compared to the obscene salaries and bonuses that CEOs and hedge fund managers receive but it does help explain why ticket prices for Broadway plays are beyond the reach of the working class.

  • Buddy’s pal

    Boy, Rachel Myrow is a light-weight. George Washington and the cherry tree? A Norman Mailer sitcom?? How unfortunate Tony Kushner did not have a more accomplished interviewer. He was wasted on Ms. Myrow.

    • bunghole

      myrow is a welcomed treat to these ears tired of sifting through krasny pretension. further, kushner and many other guests on forum are interesting enough that the interviewer, try as they might, can’t dismantle the program.

      • thucy

        Feh. Kushner sounded like he was struggling to restrain his contempt for Myrow’s cluelessness. Just because Krasny is flawed doesn’t justify Myrow’s total ineptitude.

  • patreeziasf

    I agree this interviewer sounded like a giggling student, way out of her depth. Sad there was no wrap up or thanks, straight into fundraising spiel.
    Fortunately Tony Kushner is speaking at Page to Stage Monday, free with reservations:

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