Gov. Jerry Brown

Governor Jerry Brown on Tuesday released a revised budget that would pay off $11 billion of debt while putting aside money for teacher pensions and increasing payments to Medi-Cal. The governor said his budget amounts to “good news for California,” but he’s expected to face tough negotiations in the state Legislature. We’ll examine the fine print and politics of Brown’s proposal.

Scott Detrow, Sacramento bureau chief for KQED
April Dembosky, health reporter for KQED
John Fensterwald, editor-at-large for EdSource, an independent non-profit research and reporting organization

  • Bob Fry

    * pay off $11 Billion, really? I didn’t think they had that much surplus
    * why tough negotiations? I thought most of that was done already

    Looking forward to this segment.

  • Guest

    In the ideal situation, we’d have a decent amount of socialism provided at low cost to taxpayers. Something tells me the bloodsucking elements in the banking sector and the larger business community will put the kibosh on any effort however to provide taxpayers with “bang for the buck”.

  • cooper29

    Paying down our debt sounds like a great idea- less debt = reduced interest payments = more of our money stays in California for Californians. But what if we had a state bank modeled after the Bank of North Dakota. Then, we would be paying interest to ourselves instead of the Wall Street Casino. In addition, we could create our own credit and establish our economic independence. How many times must we be shafted by Wall Street before we say enough is enough and take control of our own economic future?

    Ellen Brown has been one of the champions of this effort and is running for State Treasurer. Read her take on Jerry Brown’s budget proposal:

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