A number of domestic and international political stories have been making recent headlines. Mitt Romney split from his fellow Republicans by calling for a minimum wage increase. First lady Michelle Obama joined an online campaign to bring home the 200-plus kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls still missing. And President Obama released a new plan to promote energy efficiency. We’ll discuss these and other top stories.

David Mark, editor-in-chief of Politix, an online community focusing on national politics and former senior editor with Politico
Lesley Clark, White House correspondent for McClatchy Newspapers

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    One news item you’ll never see in the US media, because it touches on the embarrassing topic of US-Názi collaboration and America’s protection of Nàzis by Allen Dulles, is that the FBI recently released testimony from an eyewitness who helped offload Hitler and his party from a U-Boat in Argentina, which arrived 2 1/2 weeks after the fall of Berlin.

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    I am a parent of a junior at Bishop O’Dowd. The administration,faculty,staff,students,and parents have worked hard for many years to create a diverse and inclusive community that reflects the core values underpinning the Catholic faith as well as those from the community BOD serves. We love it. The new contract language will have a chilling effect on the environment of free speech amongst students and teachers. The culture will change over time, as good teachers leave and new talent chooses not to come. Catholic and non-Catholic families who cherish core civil rights along with a strong moral compass will choose to send their children elsewhere. The Catholic education envisioned by the leaders will be sadly diminished. I am speaking as one parent prepared to fight for Bishop O’Dowd- for the teachers who make it a great place, and for the students who emerge as prepared and engaged world citizens. I am one of many.

  • thucy

    Dear Forum Producers:
    Last week, you deleted my entirely civil but critical comment about Forum guest Felix Salmon, which referenced French economist Thomas Piketty. My comment included this:
    “I hate to ask, but when will KQED’s Forum acknowledge that a man named Piketty has written what may be the first big economic work of the 21st century? Every other public radio station has at least discussed it.”
    Was my comment deleted because it was critical of Felix Salmon, or because it asked why Thomas Piketty’s name has not even been uttered on Forum?
    Please answer my questions. Thank you.

    • thucy

      Forum Producers:
      Here is my original comment, for reference:

      “I had always been a big fan of Felix Salmon, but after first buying his cant against Michael Lewis’ “Flashboys” (and then reconsidering) and ESPECIALLY after reading his dismissal of Piketty’s work, I am saddened to report that Mr. Salmon appears to have become corrupted. Like the attendants of the White House Correspondents’ Dinners, he has abandoned the honorable title of writerly nerd for the more profitable title of “tool”. (As for Ezra Klein, any traditional FDR Democrat could smell “tool” emanating from his soy-based ink byline by 2008.)

      “I hate to ask, but when will KQED’s Forum acknowledge that a man named Piketty has written what may be the first big economic work of the 21st century? Every other public radio station has at least discussed it.”

      • ES Trader

        Judging from other comments you have posted, including your replies to my comments, I am mildly surprised that you are a Michael Lewis fan. I have not read “FlashBoys” and frankly I may not due to time issures, but I first read Lewis back in ’89 w/ “LIars Poker” & most recently,”Big Short”.Having been a bond salesman for Salomon Bros, he is well informed, a realist and the gist of “Flash Boys” is well-intentioned and on the mark. Perhaps his use of “rigged market” is a bit over-reaching in terms of Main St because someone placing a 1oo sh trade on-line isn’t significantly affected by the front runners but indirectly in their 401K’s and institutional accounts of insurance, banks & mutual funds that main street has a stake in,’

        As for “Capital in the 21Century”, again due to time I have not read it although I read the NY Times piece that ran about a month ago.
        I think it is common sense that in times of ‘slow growth’ economies, those that own financial assets and real estate in significant amounts will benefit and those who don’t will be left behind.

        Granted, not all have the resources to invest in stocks from disposal income or buy into residential R.E. after the “Great Recession” but as an individual with experience dealing with the average American in investing, I am fully aware at the lack of financial knowledge by Americans. Our education system gets an ‘F -‘ in teaching investments amongst other subjects. Therefore the avg Joe reacts 100% emotionally when deciding the right course, and it matters very little on that persons education level.

        Back in Dec, ’08, at a Xmas Party, I was asked by the host, a physicist at Lawrence Livermore, what was happening to the stock market, (SP500 was down nearly 45% from the ’07 top by then ), when I answered ,”not 1st thing next week, but very soon now it will be time to mortgage the farm and back up thr truck to BUY ! “, another guest, also a physicist remarked , ” you think you know so much, I didnt see you drive up in a new Porsche tonight ” The SP500 has nearly TRIPLED, since the bottom in March 2009 @ 666, and all it took to benefit from that was knowledge and conviction that the country was not going to cease to exist

        The public always buys high and sells low, as haas been my experience sibne the ’87 Crash because the allow fear/greed to make their decisions vs solid historical knowledge of investments and how that is simply a refeltion that parallels the economic status and strength of the USA.. The public post-Vietnam loves waving Old Glory, patriotism and U.S. values, but they don’t put up their money where their mouth is.

        The recent criticism of Tom Perkins regarding the “occupy” movement and the criticism of Danielle Steele was ridiculed as the rant of an aged senior, completely disregarding his message.

        When/if the public wakes up and learns to participate in the capitalist game by knowing the rules of the “game” the widening gap that Piketty warns of would not be so wide.

        The rich are not all greedy pirates with no regard for society. Right here ib the BayArea, Marc Benioff, Dave Duffield are major contributors for charitable causes to benefit people as well as for our four-legged strays and unwanted friends as in the case of Duffield and even former jocks like Tony LaRussa.
        I have no idea who Felix Salmon is but if you are waving the anti-Google banner and using Michael Lewis’ expose as ammunition against “free market capitalism” I hope you take an open view and advocate financial knowledge,

        The free market will raise the wages it pays to the service groups that make their lives better or more convenient, If the service group is completely gone from The City, who will serve them in restaurants, clean their homes and walk their dogs? ?They will voluntarilly support higher minimum wages etc without govt dictating it and adding more ammo to the likes of neo-cons like the Tea Party

    • Robert Thomas

      Without comment on the particular characterizations it included, neither did I find any part of the comment uncivil. The deletion was bizarre.

      I occasionally have an inoffensive post mysteriously deleted, too (though rarely in this venue). Sometimes a piece of my petty snideness goes unmolested.

      ?Quién sabe?

  • Robert Thomas

    What does the panel think will save the Republican Party?

    It’s clear that the Republican Party will careen from intermittent success back to abject failure for a while, but the long-term prospect seems to be oblivion.

    What can it do to keep from dying?

    • Bob Fry

      Only the conservatives can save the GOP. And it does need saving, to
      serve as a counter to the more extreme ideas and actions of liberals.
      Just last week a sensible plan for state budget surpluses was agreed to
      by all concerned, with necessary assistance from reasonable
      Republicans. Without them and Jerry Brown, does anyone doubt the surplus
      would be spent in a moment?

  • fchurch66

    Michael, you have been on for years but still have not had on any analyst from Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting. I’d suspect it is time since they do such noble work and get the newspapers to retract a lot of stuff. Thanks.

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