Noah Cowan

Noah Cowan was named executive director of the San Francisco Film Society a mere two months before the organization’s biggest event: the San Francisco International Film Festival, which starts next week. Cowan, who comes to the organization after serving as artistic director of the Toronto International Film Festival, is the group’s fourth executive director in three years. We’ll talk to Cowan about this year’s festival selections and his plans for San Francisco’s film culture.

Noah Cowan, executive director of the San Francisco Film Society, which presents the San Francisco International Film Festival from April 24-May 8

  • Guest

    Film festivals cost so much to attend, you’d think the prices were set by banksters.

  • ES Trader

    The Known Unknown is available on Amazon Prime;streaming is convenient and pauses, closed captioned and replays

    • Guest

      Wait a couple months and it’ll be free at the public library.

      • ES Trader

        It’ll be free on Prime too & NFLX, besides by then there ll be other titles & who wants to use a dvd player…use ROKU stck & stream

  • kristacular

    I’ve always loved the movies. I was so disappointed when the old movie theatre on union street (between Webster and buchannan) was being converted into a gym.

  • Robert Thomas

    My nephew began referring to himself as a cinephile without ever having seen a Preston Sturges movie. I gently introduced him to The Lady Eve and Sullivan’s Travels. Luckily, he wasn’t insulted and instead became an enthusiast.

    Recently, in the late evening I’ve been watching and re-watching the beautiful Criterion Collection edition of Preminger’s Anatomy of a Murder. After fifteen viewings, I still see something new in it each time.

  • russianxnavy

    as much as i’d love to attend SFIFF, let alone any film festival, i just simply cannot afford it. and as a recent graduate of film it’s always a bit disheartening when festival season comes around.
    however, some festivals like the BFI LFF offer free educational events (open to the public), concessions and/or exemptions (not simply $1 off) for low income and or unemployed, students, etc. ..even having the option to VOD a selection of the films, Curzon Home Cinema, would be useful for the youth market today or might help provide an outlet for the broader community..

    unless none of this is the point.

  • Seenandheard!

  • Kenn Fong

    As much as I’d like to attend films at a festival, in most cases, I don’t learn about a screening with enough notice to attend. So I tend to use a film festival as a marketing tool and seek out those films elsewhere.

  • Spencer Miller RN

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