Chevron refinery in Richmond

Chevron wants to begin a billion-dollar construction project at its Richmond refinery after environmentalists sued to stop a similar plan a few years ago. The company points to the environmental impact report and says the new facility will be cleaner and safer, but community advocates worry the plan could increase pollution.

Nicole Barber, spokesperson for Chevron in Richmond
Andres Soto, Richmond organizer for Communities for a Better Environment

  • Lance

    If this project gets it’s approval, and it sounds like from the Mayor there’s a political will to make it happen. What kind of oversight process if any is going to keep this refinery in line for safety and pollution regulations?

    I truly hope there isn’t a repeat event at this facility if the project is approved.

    – ‘Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.’

  • Ben Rawner

    What’s the difference if Chevron is willing to write on paper about limits on emissions, when they have shown time and again that they are willing to break the rules. Some propaganda about how great Richmond is, which probably costs 1-2 million at most, does not change the fact that Chevron is willing to break the rules when they know they will make Billions.

  • Debbie Neff McKee

    Chevron forgot to mention the unicorns that will graze on the property!

  • Maria

    Does Nicole Barber live in Richmond? I worked at a school right next to the oil refinery and got to know some of the surrounding community. We had regular drills and scares from the air quality. The rule was to shut the windows when the air quality got too bad–not a great solution. From what I saw, Chevron offers token gestures to the community while devaluing every inch of the city–including property values. I’m very impressed by Andres Soto. He’s well spoken and reasonable. I know when we looked to purchase a house, we disregarded Richmond because we didn’t trust the oil refinery. Oil refineries have ruined so many great places in the Bay Area–Vallejo, Martinez, etc. It’s a tragedy for people living in those areas.

  • Leaf Derekson

    I want to hear more about why they are not using solar? Nicole said that solar wasn’t the best for the environment but then never explained why. Instead Ms Barber changed the subject entirely. Enlighten me, Why is solar not good for the environment?

  • erictremont

    For years environmental activists and other local agitators have demanded that the Chevron refinery reduce pollution, hire more minorities, scale back production of fossil fuels, and pay more property taxes. I don’t see how all of these objectives can be achieved simultaneously.

    • Gathering Tribes

      Why not?

      • erictremont

        Seems to me that if Chevron were to curtail refinery operations, that would result in fewer people working at the refinery. As for property taxes, last week the Contra Costa Times reported that because part of the refinery has been shut down for the past 2 years (due to the 2012 explosion and fire), the assessed value of the property was reduced and as a result this year Chevron is paying less taxes on their property than they did before the explosion.

  • Guest

    Oil companies deserve no handouts, no favors, no preferential treatment and in fact no place in modern society.

    The idea that corporations SHOULD only be interested in profits is a fascistic idea that is incompatible with democracy and freedom.

  • pdjmoo

    Thank you Michael for opening up this subject: Richmond is certainly becoming “The Mouse That Roared” and I commend their Mayor and community efforts in taking on this behemoth, Chevron…..It’s time the Big Oil Industry accepts the fact that the public is waking up to how fossil fuels are destroying our planet – The recent IPCC Report on Climate Change confirms this. Further, Chevron has a terrible record on destroying our environment -▶ THE TRUE STORY OF CHEVRON’S ECUADOR ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER
    The fossil fuel industry must take responsibility for their part in moving our planet toward extinction and cease trying to justify their trillion-dollar profits, pollution and behaviours through million-dollar PR Campaigns fronted by women interestingly enough -▶ “HOW RIGGED IS THE FOSSIL FUEL MARKET? Unearthing the True Cost of Fossil Fuels” Their problem with renewables is that if they can’t own and control them, they will block any moves that threaten their polluting empires. ▶ SOLAR PANELS COULD DESTROY UTILITY MONOPOLIES AS WE KNOW THEM, ACCORDING TO U.S. UTILITIES

    • erictremont

      For your information, the Chevron Ecuador lawsuit was based on fraudulent evidence submitted by the plaintiff’s lead attorney. See

      • pdjmoo

        I suggest you don’t just buy the western corporate media propaganda fueled by Chevron’s pr agencies. “The True Story of Chevron’s Ecuador Environmental Disaster – VIDEO

  • Mercy G

    This is part of Chevron’s media campaign to force the Richmond City Council to move forward with a modernization project that has no Environmental Impact Report. The residents of Richmond want to hold Chevron accountable and pursue a more far-reaching project that will actually modernize the refinery and provide the citizens with some assurance of safety. Until those needs are met, Chevron won’t be getting approval from the council to start ANY projects. This is why they have launched the “Richmond Proud” campaign, why Richmond is currently blanketed with Chevron propaganda (billboards, bus stops, mailers, canvassers), and why they will likely be fielding their preferred candidates in the city council election. Corporations HATE being held accountable.

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