Rosanne Cash

Grammy-winning singer-songwriter and author Rosanne Cash joins us in the studio. Cash’s latest album, “The River and the Thread,” was inspired by her travels through the South to raise money for the restoration of her father Johnny’s childhood home. We’ll talk to Cash about the new album, her career and her upcoming series of shows at SFJAZZ.

Rosanne Cash, singer-songwriter and eldest daughter of Johnny Cash

  • Bella

    Great program, Michael! I love hearing all of the topics that Ms. Cash is interested in – it reminds me of the Austin Kleon discussion. It sounds as if she stays open to inspiration from any source. Can you ask her about her creative process? As someone who does a lot of writing, reading, and art-making, I’m curious how she structures her workday to keep the creative inspiration coming and how it turns into projects.

  • S Angelo Acevedo

    Great program, Michael…thank you, Rosanne Cash! Just a footnote, Natalie Cole was not adopted.

    • trite

      And really–what if she was? What an odd comment Michael Krasny made.

  • Robin Bayley

    You handled the “out of the blue” caller with such grace. I love your music and thank you for sharing.

    Robin Bayley
    Chattaroy, WA

  • Hinda Chalew

    Question for Roseanne: I saw her at SF Jazz a couple of years ago. I thought her concert was great, but I thought the audience was awful. They were not enthusiastic or responsive. Coincidentally, a college of mine was also in the audience, and he thought the same thing. We have Rosanne and A and the audience an F. What do you do when the audience gives you nothing back?

  • Beth Grant DeRoos

    Johnny Cash’s song What Is Truth is on YouTube and my family loves listening to it a lot.

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