“Your father is the glitter, and I am the glue.” That’s what Kelly Corrigan’s mother used to tell her about her mother’s ability to keep the family together. In her new memoir, “Glitter and Glue,” Corrigan reflects on her complicated relationship with her mother, and what she learned about motherhood when she was a live-in nanny for a widower in Australia, and when she eventually had her own children.

Kelly Corrigan on the Lessons of Motherhood 31 March,2014forum

Kelly Corrigan, author of "Glitter and Glue: A Memoir," "The Middle Place" and "Lift;" and creator of Notes and Words, a benefit for Children's Hospital Oakland

  • Niketana

    Reader Response reveals a lot about how we read and make meaning, and it shows how subjective or relative our responses are. However, there are words on the page that don’t change. It’s not a blank page. In that sense, not all “responses” are valid.

  • Debra Kandell Yoffie

    Does anyone know the quote on seeing their mother as a woman?

  • John O’Donald

    MK said an odd thing: “I’m concerned about all my students, especially the bright ones.”

  • trite

    What about Twain’s comment “Don’t use a five-dollar word when a fifty-cent word will do.”?

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