Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter

Northwestern University football players are school employees and should have the right to form unions, according to a landmark ruling released Wednesday by the National Labor Relations Board. We’ll discuss what the decision means for the NCAA and college sports, and debate the perennial question: Should college athletes, who generate enormous sums for their schools, be paid?

Luke Bonner, co-founder of the College Athletes Players Association, which brought the case at the NLRB and former basketball player for UMASS
Larry Scott, commissioner of the PAC-12
Andrew Zimbalist, economics professor and sports economist at Smith College
Ellen Staurowsky, professor in sports management at Drexel University

  • Another Mike

    Coaches don’t get paid more than any other professor, right? So why should athletes get paid more than any other student?

    • Bob Fry

      Look at head coach salaries, they’re the highest paid in the UC system.

    • Robert Thomas

      There’s a game you can play: try to write a comment for an internet bulletin board so implausible that more than one half of a sample of readers will recognize it as sarcasm.

      I think I was caught, here in this way, by AM.

  • Sanfordia113

    If they want a union job, go get one. They are overprivileged student athletes that have no business in forming an athlete “labor union” for amateur sports.

    • Bob Fry

      If they’re amateur athletes playing amateur sports, let’s pay the coaches, ESPN, etc. amateur salaries.

  • Bob Fry

    The various pro sport leagues should form their own non-college farm teams, like AA and AAA baseball. It’s a ripoff to make billions of dollars from essentially unpaid young people…but then, that’s the American Way.

    Giving someone a scholarship to go to school because they’re athletic makes as much sense as Sarah Palin getting a college scholarship because she was good looking and won a beauty contest. How about giving money to people to go to college because they have good minds?

  • Robert Thomas

    Despite many decades of propaganda, ALL spectator sporting operations and ALL spectator sporting competitions are entertainment. It’s show business. This includes “student athletes” and all other national and international competitions and other corporations like the IOC.

    The NCAA operates by encouraging competitors to act like sheep.

    The NCAA’s employees are parasites who have spent decades perpetrating an elaborate confidence trick. Some students at Northwestern have awakened, like Truman in The Truman Show and MAY rouse themselves enough to pluck this TICK off of their backsides. Mr Scott is one of these organisms.

    “Students first and foremost…”?! What rubes they believe these athletes are…

  • Robert Thomas

    “Sports economist”? “Professor in Sports Management”? At Smith?? At Drexel?? What a calamity. Can such people no longer ply their trade and tutor their acolytes in betting parlors? Are there no dank alleys left?

    Unsurprisingly, Mr Scott has been allowed to slither away.

    • Robert Thomas

      (Stanford booster) x (tough, obvious questions on this topic) = 0

  • Devin Oliver

    Does Ellen realize how often she says umm?

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