(Courtesy Scott Nichols Gallery)

Vivian Maier made a living as a nanny in mid-20th century Chicago. She always had a camera with her, but it wasn’t until just before her death in 2009 that Maier’s trove of photographs – and striking talent – were discovered in a storage facility. Her intimate and revealing photographs of the streets of Chicago have been a sensation at exhibits around the world and are now being exhibited in Northern California for the first time.

Some of Vivian Maier's Photos

Photos from Vivian Maier: Out of the Shadows, available on amazon.com and cityfilespress.com

Photos from the Jeffrey Goldstein Collection at vivianmaierprints.com

Ken Light, photo director of the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
Richard Cahan, co-author of "Vivian Maier: Out of the Shadows"

  • Ben Rawner

    How much is this really just a reflection of our own obsession of photoing our everyday life and she just happen to save all of them?

  • K. Smokey Cormier

    Why are so many people in the art world so surprised that this woman created such a beautiful body of work without having gone to art school or taken formal classes? Come on. Can’t you believe in the intelligence and diligence and passion of regular folks?

    • jackie

      Thank you. And amen.

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