At about 1 A.M. on Wednesday, Mayor Jean Quan made the tie-breaking vote at the Oakland City Council meeting to scale back the reach of the Domain Awareness Center, a planned 24-hour surveillance hub that has stirred protests and privacy concerns among residents. The vote limits surveillance to the Port of Oakland, city street cameras that were integrated into the Center’s system will be disconnected, and gunshot microphones in the city will be removed. The Domain Awareness Center had been expected to cost over $10 million, mostly paid for with federal homeland security funds.

Ali Winston, reporter and photographer covering criminal justice
Noel Gallo, councilman and head of the Public Safety Committee of the Oakland City Council

  • Guest

    It seems hardly a revelation any longer that the Dept of Homeland Security hired the KGB’s Yevgeni Primakov to advise them a decade ago.
    We now see the effects of people such as him working to set up a surveillance system that, because it uses the latest spying technology, is 1000 times worse than the spying systems of the KGB or Stasi. And the Feds are using it, too, as when they charged 3 activists with tewworism, later to be acquitted because they were obviously peaceful protesters:
    But the effect is that peaceful protesters now fear being labeled tewworists, just for using their Constiution-provided right to assemble and protest.
    The enemies of freedom have transformed the USA.
    And this transformation has always been justified by referring to 9/11, which if you just examine the facts was not perpetrated by 19 bogeymen at all, but rather by those who have gained from 9/11, who are still walking free.
    Source (one of many):

  • erictremont

    Ali Winston should not be described as a “reporter” which implies an attempt to offer a balanced perspective. He is essentially an op-ed writer with a very distinct point of view that is hostile to any attempts to get tough on violent crime in Oakland and non-peaceful demonstrations by groups such as Occupy Oakland.

  • trite

    Having lived in Oakland for over forty years I consider that I, too, should have a voice about Oakland safety and security. I feel completely underrepresented by Jean Quan and the City Council when it comes to matters of crime on the streets. She vacillates and is a creature of 1960s politics which has no place in today’s reality of guns and random violence. Mention was made that a city can elect to unlink security data from other cities–if Oakland feels so strongly about civil liberties then that could be part of the program–we need all the technology we can have to fight crime with a drastically reduced police force. The reporter was biased (check out East Bay Express on the surveillance center), and the program today half-baked. We needed at least an hour–with the Mayor here to defend her last minute, finger-in-the-wind vote.

    • Luke Teyssier

      If that’s how you feel, then it’s time for you to run for city council or mayor.

  • WAM

    They are already spying inside your home I got evidence. I have video and pics.

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