Historian Rashid Khalidi’s latest book, “Brokers of Deceit,” examines the U.S. role in negotiating peace between the Palestinians and Israelis during three key periods. Khalidi argues that, despite presenting itself as an honest broker, the U.S. was promoting Israel’s interests, and undermined opportunities to move the peace process forward. He joins us to discuss the book and this week’s meetings between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Rashid Khalidi, professor of Arab studies at Columbia University, editor of the Journal of Palestine Studies and author of "Brokers of Deceit: How the U.S. has Undermined Peace in the Middle East"

  • Gary

    Please ask Dr. Khalidi, how he reconciles the opinion that Israel creates the security problems is has with the historical timeline in which wars were declared on Israel from the start of its existence in 1948? How can a cause follow an effect? That seems illogical.

  • Sam Badger

    I hear a lot of the idea of making Palestinians accept the ‘Jewish’ nature of the Israeli state. Do you think Palestinians want Israel to accept them as an ‘Arab’ state? If not,does it show that a 1 state solution with equal rights for Jews, Muslims, Christians, and Druze is desirable from a Palestinian pov? Or is it seen as naive or unrealistic etc

  • Hannah Panger

    Do you include in your thinking the mass expulsion of Jews from Arab states at the time of the establishment of the Jewish state?

  • Chemist150

    The guest says one should read the history. Perhaps the guest should look at UN charters and UN resolutions and how Israel refuses to recognize those resolutions.

    Israel should be booted from the UN and the Palestinians should be considered.

  • Bobwlii

    Mr. Krasny, thanks for hosting Dr. Khalidi. He brings insight to the Israeli problem that a lot of us have been arguing since the late sixties. First, US policy has helped prevent a resolution to the Palestinian’s right to self determination. One can also read Abba Eban’s memoir to support his thesis. The book is listed on the State Department’ s recommended reading list for prospective Foreign Service Officers. It is questionable how many current FSOs have read it considering the state of US policy for the past 20 years. Ambassador Eban details how the Israelis launched a well organized propaganda campaign beginning with the Truman administration to actively support Israel’s eviction of the Palestinian people from their homes in 1948. Ambassador Eban also explains how they built a pro-Israel lobby in the US. It exists to this day. Some of the “arguments” they used to denigrate the Palestinian peoples would have done any Afrikaner advocating bantustans or even the late Justice Taney proud. In the infamous Dred Scott decision, Taney opined that Black folks had no rights which white folks were bound to respect.
    After the 1967 evictions, Israel has consistently built settlements and forced Palestinians into “refugee” camps and provoked incidents to give the IDF a “security” reason to launch pogroms and air strikes in Gaza and West Bank, Palestine. One needing evidence of this can read the testimony of former IDF infantry and mechanized battalion personnel who participated in these pogroms. Successive Premieres and Defense Ministers have raised the bogey man of “national security” to perpetrate these atrocities, while whining and screaming that the PLO does not provide for Israel’s security. How is one to provide security if the whiner is constantly destroying your infrastructure?
    A Hamas representative stated, in a nationally televised interview, that his organization is aware that successive Intifadas and military actions are not sustainable in the long term, Hamas sees no other course available that will alleviate the Palestinian people’s more than half a century of suffering. Similarly, a spokesman for Hezbulah, again in a nationally televised interview, stated who could believe that a country [Israel] would go to full scale war over two privates [two IDF prisoners of war]. He was referring to Israel’s war against Lebanon, an sovereign country. Incidentally, one of the key military objectives targeted by the Israeli Air Force was a truck designed to drill for water.
    Hezbulah was a creation of Israel. Israel’s policy of seizing another country’s property and creating a military force, the Philangists to carry out proxy wars against Palestinians gave birth to Hezbullah.
    Six former Shin Bet and Mossad directors have issued public statements opposing the current regime’s policies re: Palestine and support a Two State Solution to help resolve the situation in Palestine. The sessation of the continued building of illegal settlements in Palestne as well as returning to the pre 1967 borders would go along way toward demonstrating Israeli good faith in reaching a mutually beneficial resolution of these issues.
    US nationals and citizens should think about how they feel when they walk by the site of the former Twin Towers or sail by the USS Arizona (for those old enough to remember). At the risk of sounding like Sarah Palin, also be aware that the Palestinians can still SEE where they and/or their families lived and farmed before being forcibly evicted in 1948 and 1967. A lot of these folks are still alive and its only been a little over 60 years for these continuing atrocities.

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