We recap Sunday’s 86th Academy Awards ceremony, including who won, who was snubbed, and if Ellen DeGeneres’ charm was enough to see her through a second Oscars hosting gig.

Tim Gray, awards editor for Variety Magazine
Mick LaSalle, film critic and columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle; and author of "The Beauty of the Real: What Hollywood Can Learn from Contemporary French Actresses"
Sura Wood, freelance arts journalist and film critic for publications including Hollywood Reporter, San Francisco Arts Monthly, and the San Jose Mercury News; and member of the San Francisco Film Critics Circle

  • Guest

    12 years a Slave was one of my favorite films of the year, and compelled me to take a coursera (hate that name) course called History of the Slave South. Much of what is depicted in the film parallels stories of modern-day slavery that has occurred in places like Turkey and yes, even here in the USA.

    Krasny expressed Di Caprio as Di Crappio. Freudian slip?

    • Mrs. Eccentric


      ha! i heard that as well and second guessed myself, thanks for point it out 🙂

  • Earl

    Ellen established herself as a strong presence early on but
    her later bits—popping-up in open seats and a painfully labored pizza routine—turned
    her from an MC into an annoying Extra.

    • Guest

      Without Ricky Gervais, there is no reason to watch any awards ceremony.

  • Mrs. Eccentric

    heehee….re: Mr. Mcconaughey, i’ve always had the feeling that if he was your boyfriend, you’d have some serious competition from Matthew Mcconaughey himself! steph

  • jody

    Ellen was extremely rude to Liza Minelli. Referring to her as a female impersonator. Calling her “Sir”. Nasty.

    • Another Mike

      We refer to that as “joshing,” or “being silly.”

      • jody

        I know, but Liza is such a wreck it seemed cruel.

  • jody

    And Cate Blanchett barely thanked Woody Allen. She was probably afraid of being booed. Woody Allen has been hung up by a mob. No judge or jury.

  • Dr Sook

    Can Scientology cure severe obliviousness ?
    Will middle America recoil from the gay & black dominance of Oscar ?

  • Dr Sook

    Cuaron seemed to know Bullock would not win and graciously gave her lotsa props.
    She was deserving.
    Agree with Mick re: The Past & Blue.
    American Hustle was cotton candy on meth- caricatures. Short shelf life.

  • Nancy Harrington

    Couldn’t agree more about wishing Ricky Gervais would host again. Who on earth are the

  • SF Mama

    My 13 daughter watched the show with me. She ended up asking to see Gravity and Her. So the show was successful in getting that young audience member to want to go to the movies. Fyi, she saw 12 years a Slave and American Hustle (I took her even though I think they was both R rated) and she loved them.

    • TullyMOI

      Perhaps she will want to see Philomena, too, as this is an issue that affects women and girls specifically.

  • Nancy Harrington

    Who on earth are the ‘thank you’ speeches geared toward? They seem to mostly be publicity/referrals for the doubtless talented people who worked on the film, but I find those recitations completely boring. These folks have the opportunity to address a huge number of people around the country and the world, and so few of them take that opportunity to say anything worthwhile, meaningful, thoughtful, etc.

    • Another Mike

      This is an industry gala broadcast to the world, not a platform for sharing filmmakers’ thoughts.

      These people express themselves by making movies.

  • Jack Westlie

    Hi! You guys seem a bit pompous. The program was a breath of fresh air with Ellen making it unpredictable and fun. Lighten up and relax!

    Jack Westlie

  • Mrs. Eccentric

    re: not conflating art with the artist. While i do concur, in the case of Woody Allen his real life actions reflected his cinematic fantasies to such an extent that such separation requires pretzel-like thinking for most people to accomplish.

    In other words, if he didn’t want his actions to raise such a stink, he would have been better served to have avoided making movies like “Manhattan”. Just my two cents. steph

  • Chas

    HUSTLED – how in the world did the American Hustle get overlooked for any academy awards? The scene between Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence after he was nearly killed by the mob (the burlap bag over his head) was absolutely brilliant. Everyone in the theatre was on the edge of their seats + he “added” 40 lbs for the role.

    • dorothy

      Within minutes, I totally forgot I was watching Christian Bale. No matter the role, He is completely immersed in it and is such a wonderful actor. When you forget who you are watching, then they are doing a great job!

  • dorothy

    I didn’t think 12 Years was that “rough-going”. I hesitated to see it because I heard so much about the violence. The physical violence wasn’t nearly as bad as the mental and emotional cruelty; the complete inhumane treatment of so many people. I thought that was more difficult to watch than the beatings.

  • Paula

    Today’s commentary about how the show “didn’t appeal to the younger generation” is wrong. And to reiterate my point, I think same about the commentary on Ellen’s silly transitions and jokes. Ellen IS the appeal to the younger generation. She has an enormous following of young people, from her show, and that she’s an uncontroversial spokesperson for civil rightssupported by the “young generation”. The fact that she hosted the Oscar’s must have drawn in a young demographic of Oscars viewers.

    Then, that Oscar’s turned out to be a more “classic, traditional” awards show, was BRILLIANT. This Oscar’s was my favorite Oscar’s show in years. Much better than the shows that have awkwardly attempted to target viewers of a younger / tech generation. (I wish I could forget last year with Seth MacFarlane, oooh so bad!)

    To sing my praises: Ellen, yes!!! Bette Midler, yes!!! Pink, yes!!! Sidney Poitier, yes!!! Best Picture Drumroll, yes!!! No cap on Awards Speeches, yes!!!!

  • Another Mike

    The Oscars are the Superb Owl for people who don’t care about football.

  • dorothy

    I agree that the Oscar telecast is supposed to be entertaining. I want to hear jokes, I want to see gorgeous, expensive gowns. If you think all this is shallow, don’t watch it.

  • Another Mike

    The person robbed was Sandra Bullock — without her there was no movie.

    And the Academy’s preference for uplifting movies gave a boost to the Slave movie and the AIDS movie.

  • Charlene

    Alameda Theatre and Cineplex for Oscar Nominated Short Films. Running from 2/26-3/2!

    • Another Mike

      The Camera Cinemas in the South Bay ran the short films a few weeks ago.

    • dorothy


      • Charlene

        sorry- 3/5.

  • Andrew

    I felt 12 Years a Slave fell victim to a fundamental aspect of slavery itself: it exploited violence to generate and gratify an emotional response in a viewer. I found the violence, rather than moving, to be entirely gratuitous and manipulative.

  • Another Mike

    I was glad no speaker was “played off” the stage.

  • michael

    perhaps i missed it, but i don’t believe anyone has mentioned bruce dern’s performance in nebraska

  • Jackie

    For the listener who asked about the short films, the Landmark Theatre in Berkeley (and perhaps other locations as well) offer the Oscar nominated short films. I believe the Oscar shorts are also usually packaged and made available on DVDs and on various online streaming platforms. I wish that short films in general are more available to the public. I would like to give a shout out to KQED’s ImageMakers and Film School Shorts programs for providing a venue for short films.

  • 1PeterDuMont2STARALLIANCE8

    One spectacular documentary film that has been shamelessly shunned, apparently, is “Martin Luther King in Palestine.” I saw it at the excellent Arab Film Festival in Berkeley last Fall, and I highly, highly recommend it. It is an important, dramatic, tragic, yet ultimately hopeful film of our times which deserves to be seen by mass audiences around the world. Where is the support of the film community?

  • mgtb

    The Act of Killing may have been a political hot potato, but probably nothing compared to Dirty Wars. Why no mention of that on the show?

  • MattCA12

    Matthew finally gets the Oscar he should have won for playing Wooderson in Dazed and Confused!

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