Bay Area filmmaker Jason Cohen’s documentary short “Facing Fear” follows the unlikely reconciliation between a former neo-Nazi skinhead and the gay man he brutally assaulted. Twenty-five years after white supremacist Tim Zaal beat homeless teenager Matthew Boger nearly to death, the two men met by chance and began a journey toward forgiveness and understanding. We talk with Cohen and Zaal about the film, which has been nominated for an Academy Award.

Jason Cohen, producer and director of "Facing Fear"
Tim Zaal, consultant for the Simon Wiesenthal Center Task Force Against Hate

  • Guest

    At the heart of homophobia is latent homosexuality. A man does not fear another man’s sexuality unless he knows it could give rise to the same impulses in himself.

  • rsaunders68

    In doing a google image search, there are many photos of Matthew and Tim together. Tim looks fairly uncomfortable in all of them. Is that the case?

  • sue

    Can’t wait to listen to this episode!! Happened to see the documentary this year at the Mill Valley Film Festival, and Tim and Matthew came out for a Q and A after the film. It was one of the most powerful and moving experiences I can remember in my life.

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