The 2014 Winter Olympics debut in Sochi, Russia Thursday, with events in team figure skating, women’s freestyle skiing and slopestyle snowboarding. U.S. Olympian Shaun White caused a stir on Wednesday when he announced his last-minute withdrawal from the slopestyle competition. We preview the events and athletes to watch in the 2014 Winter Games.

Rick Tittle, host of "Titillating Sports" on Sports Byline USA
Alyssa Roenigk, senior writer covering free-skiing and snowboarding at the Sochi Olympics for ESPN

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    Forget bobsleds and skiing, I can’t wait to see who wins the competition amongst the foreign contractors to get paid by the corrupt Russians. Will the Ukranian get first place? Or the Belurussian?

    There is a similar competition among the police to see who can beat the most blood and teeth out of contractors who brazenly demand to be paid for their work.

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