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Novelist Isabel Allende ventures into new territory with her latest book “Ripper,” a mystery thriller set in San Francisco. The novel’s young protagonist, Amanda Martin, investigates a slew of local murders that become personal after her mother goes missing. The author of magic realist novels like “The House of the Spirits” and “The Infinite Plan,” Allende joins us to discuss her foray into the world of whodunits.

Isabel Allende, novelist and author of books including "The House of the Spirits," "Of Love and Shadows," "The Infinite Plan" and "Ripper"

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  • ami

    there is a real danger to blocking some books from being read by young readers.

    the book “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” saved my life when I read it as a
    young teenager who was being molested by a family member. I found out I
    was not alone in this situation, and it gave me the courage to get away
    from the situation in a safe way.

    I have friends who have been effected in a similar way by Ms. Allende’s books.

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