House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi joins us in the studio to discuss the latest news from Capitol Hill, as well as some of her recent flagship women’s issues like equal pay, family and medical leave, and child care.

Interview Highlights

Nancy Pelosi, House Democratic Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, representing California's 12th District (D-San Francisco); and former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

  • Joe

    What does Nancy Pelosi think about the need to send a message to the NSA? When its leaders lie to Congress and order the NSA’s personnel engage in widespread activities that are clearly organized crime by any sane definition, they need to know that they should and will go to jail just like anyone else who does such things. Let’s have Clapper and Alexander because bars please, in fact let’s get a few cells at Alcatraz renovated for them so they can reside alongside the ghosts of equally depraved criminal minds.

  • GiorgioOrwell2nd

    With all due respect to Mr.s Pelosi’s long career, she very clearly now represents the complete sellout of liberal politics with her unwavering support of Obama’s basically Republican stance on the government and intelligence agencies ability to do whatever they want under the guise of “fighting terrorism”. This is not some smart, hawkish, modern view on foreign policy, it is very short sighted politics and the voting public sees right through this.
    Apart from healthcare, there is basically no difference between Democrats and most Republican (not the Tea Partiers) political views on economics and foreign policy anymore. They are both basicaly middle level managers of the corporate status quo. What does she think about the fact that the Senate Benghazi report had a specific criticism that the intelligence agencies had been doing “very little” observation of terrorist social media and websites before the attack on the embassy? Really? What is the NSA doing then? Same goes for the Boston bombers. That’s because their too busy trying to manage all the data they are collecting on Americans that Mrs. Pelosi thinks that “NSA knows best”…clearly they don’t

    • Menelvagor

      The NSA’s mission is to monitor dissent in America–protestres, anti-war activists, environmentalists, the oppressed, –the plebs. Fear of uprising is always always always at the heart of totalitarian society. The enemy is the public. Elected officials in Washington are just the bought and paid for stooges used to maintain status quo–the reign of the plutocracy.

      • GiorgioOrwell2nd

        While I totally agree with your views here, I was trying to write my question in such a way that it might actually be read on air to Mrs. Pelosi and not be dismissed immediately as a conspiracy theorist. Silly me

        • Menelvagor

          i wasn’t criticizing you. I am not a conspiracy theorist.

  • colinvgallagher

    The proposed sanctions against Iran being considered by Congress include a guarantee that the U.s. Will support Israel if its government unilaterally attacks Iran. why is Congress so eager to outsource the decision to go to war with Iran to a warmonger like Netanyahu?

  • Peter Gabel

    Congresswoman Pelosi has just spoken eloquently about the importance of education. Can she please address the current threat to City College with its 80,000 students and how she proposes to assure the future of this wonderful institution and its commitment to providing educational opportunity for all of our City’s communities?

  • TrainedHistorian

    Will Pelosi and all the other Congress members–who keep pretending that if they only pass their current immigration non-reform bill that we won’t have more illegal immigration–promise to actually RESIGN from political office if, after passing their bill we still have massive (1 million undocumented or more) illegal immigration?

    No? I thought not.

    Ms Pelosi, the reason so many Americans oppose your immigration non-reform is that it rewards illegal immigration. If you reward law-breaking, whether with citizenship or just legalization, you will just get more of it. That’s what Congress did in 1986. They legalized the 3 million undocumented in exchange for promises to “really” enforce laws against hiring illegals and now we have many millions more “undocumented” than we did back then, the vast majority of whom are low-skilled rather than high-skilled workers. This happened because the undocumented and those who hire them have figured out that Pelosi and other unscrupulous Congresspeople wiil continue to reward them for breaking immigration laws.

    Alternately, we could be honest and declare that we will accept anyone (other than known terrorists and felons), who want to immigrate here. However, I can assure Pelosi and others that if we do that we will no longer be able to even aspire to be a middle class society. Rather we will be a society, like much of Latin America, Africa or South Asia, where those without substantial property are so poor that they have to sleep on the streets, prostitute themselves and their children, or live in miserable subjection to property holders (often husbands or parents) just to survive.. It’s called supply and demand: when labor is dirt cheap because of overabundance relative to economic growth, workers are treated like dirt. American politicians need to stop pretending the US is immune to the laws of supply and demand.. Wages and labor conditions have been stagnating or declining for the medium and low-skilled workers already here for well over thirty years. The last thing Congresspeople should do, if they really cared about such workers, is continue to flood our labor market with millions more low and medium-skilled workers through legalization programs.

    • Bob Fry

      Well, let’s not flood our labor markets with high-skilled workers either through the H1-B visa program. All these mass immigration policies cheapen life for Americans, discourage natives from studying or working harder, and reward the handful of corporate elite.

    • Kurt thialfad

      This immigration reform bill is hailed by democratic leadership as providing fabulous economic benefits, as predicted by the CBO. But these economic benefits – something like a 5% jump in GDP – will only come after 10 years – in 2023 and beyond!!
      Ok, so what will we get during the next 10 years? We are going to get 10 years of crappy economic growth, even negative economic growth. It must be bad because nobody’s talking about it.
      Then if, after 10 years, the economic benefits don’t pan out, the perpetrators will be long gone. They must think Americans are stupid.

      • Skip Conrad

        Good point. They’re pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

  • Skip Conrad

    Nancy mentioned the immigration bill has to include 1) path to citizenship, 2) secure borders, 3) protect workers, and 4) unite families.
    We have a path to citizenship already, we don’t need to lower our standards. This would be a slap in the face to those who apply legally.

    Securing the border is more than throwing money at it. The fact that Obama is deporting record numbers of aliens, says to me that the borders are not secure. How many are getting through? Develop some standards against which to measure border security, and don’t leave the Secretary of Homeland Security so much discretion.

    The way to protect workers is to limit the importation of foreign workers. Foreign workers wreck employment of Americans, and keep American unemployment high.

    The last item about uniting families, cause me to wonder – if you want to unite families, then do all you can to keep them in their home nations, villages, and homes. The migrant makes the choice to separate himself from his family, not the government. Likewise, shouldn’t therefore the migrant make the decision to reunite with his family and not the government, since the government had absolutely nothing to do with causing the separation.

    • Menelvagor

      If we didnt have NAFTA and corporations dumping products on Mexico–contaminating their lands and squeezing small farmers out land and business–they wouldnt be migrating north to find work.

      I am all for strict immigration laws–but let it be equal and rational–we need to stop causing the problem in the first place. And what about the rich immigrants? An illegitimate elite that DID NOT earnt eh american dream–only seek to roll it back. And what about Canadians? There is always a racist issue underlying this topic–its always about S.A.–but no one cares about white canadians living in the US. why?

      First of all–poor canadians dont need to come to the US–they got it better in canada–with universal health care and other human rights welfare programs design to equalize society in a democracy.

      We despise brown immigrants. But we should consider it us US–or our plutocracy–destroying their countries and governments south of the border.

      we should be crying out for these people–ending NAFTA and Cafta and standing united with workers everywhere against the corporat-aristocracy.

      But once again they got us fooled–looking the wrong way like big dummies.

      • Skip Conrad

        “We despise brown immigrants.”

        Speak for yourself.

        • Menelvagor

          im speaking about many many many many many americans and the media who frame this argument. i’m sorry I will slow down my speech in the future, use smaller words.

          • Skip Conrad

            Every human being’s skin is a shade of brown. No one has a white skin color. Skin is not white, but rather a variety of skin tone which are all shades of brown. I don’t buy into the brown thing. It’s not about skin tone. It’s about legal status, it’s about language skills, it’s about cultural mores, it’s about criminality, and it’s about common values. For me, it’s not about skin color.

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