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A government shutdown. The botched Obamacare rollout. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s very public meltdown. This was a tough year to be a politician, which meant there was plenty of material for political comics to feast upon. We look back on the funny, the serious and the just-plain-cringeworthy news from the past year with a panel of local comedians.

Brian Copeland, comedian, playwright, author and host of KGO's "The Brian Copeland Show"
Bob Sarlatte, actor and comedian frequently appearing on "The Late Show with David Letterman" and longtime field announcer for the San Francisco 49ers
Marga Gomez, actress and comedian

  • Joyce Alexander

    Do your guests have any comments about the story this week concerning the EPA official, John Beale, who pretended to be a CIA agent in order to avoid working at the office?

  • Ben Rawner

    What do these guys think about the Lispy President Assad. Do u think his troops are committing atrocities because they can’t understand him.

  • Beth Grant DeRoos

    There has to be some funny things about the whole Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty hoopla

  • Robert Thomas

    A laugh riot!

    I’m waiting for a poorly timed utterly non sequitur interjection referencing Henry James, to up the ante.

  • Anastacia Powers Cuellar

    Please announce – Marga is performing at Brava Theater Center with Micia Mosely and Dhaya Lakshminarayanan for Brava’s New Year’s Eve Comedy Fiesta. Thanks!!

  • albany

    Your guests aren’t funny. Comedians? Not so much. I hope they have a day job!

  • Robert Thomas

    “Broad strokes” ==> “Sly Stone”

    One’s breath is taken away.

  • Noah Hallett

    a story that made me laugh out loud – it was a little story but it was classic – Texas banned sale of Tesla Motors within the state because they threatened car dealerships as we know it by selling directly to consumers with “No haggling, no upselling, no commission for employees, and uniform prices at every store”

    No car salesmen? The sky is falling!

  • Another Mike

    I always thought Tom Ammiano sounded like Carol Channing.

  • Ehkzu

    Dave Letterman is skilled at working comedic moments out of his interviews–at taking balls and running with them–which is at least as important as the scripted monologue at these shows’ beginnings.

    However, Letterman has one glaring defect: he acts creepy around attractive female guests. Recently he had Jennifer Lawrence on and at one point he found an excuse to put his hands in her hair, and kept doing so for an uncomfortably long time. Plus his signature move of kissing the hand of every attractive female guest at the end of each interview–often for far longer and with more “lip action” than would be appropriate.

    • Menelvagor

      letterman is a creep period and has never been funny. He is just a total jerk. In fact none of those shows are funny. they are dumb and a waste of time.

  • Fay Nissenbaum

    What Jimmy Kimmel does in his monologue that’s different is that he doesn’t tell the jokes himself – he is terrible at delivering jokes – so does an intro line to set up a funny clip which they then cut to. It’s like Seinfeld said he surrounded himself with funny actors and let them do the heavy lifting.

  • Fay Nissenbaum

    If you’re gonna riff on NPR, please take on the cookie cutter way NPR ends every single interview with “Thanks SO much”. Is there thank you inflation that we need to hear the intensifying “so”, as though a mere thank you is not enough? It’s cloying too, like a earnest teen girl dying to have people like her. Thank you SO much for reading this.

  • Another Mike

    Sorry — I thought if the comedians brought up “Who does Tom Ammiano sound like?” it was permissible to comment.

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