Bay Bridge worker

A report by two local engineers has renewed questions about the reliability of steel rods on the recently opened eastern span of the Bay Bridge. We’ll discuss the findings with The Sacramento Bee’s Charles Piller, who has written extensively about problems with the construction of the new span.

Charles Piller, investigative reporter for The Sacramento Bee

  • William – SF

    If I recall correctly, Caltrans saved roughly $200 million by using Chinese steel.

    Had Caltrans used domestic steel, would there have been any difference in corrosion or other material defects?

    • Bob Fry

      In a way this question is irrelevant. CalTrans engineers should have known what properties of steel were necessary, should have known how to specify the steel in contracts, should have done testing of the product before installation. Somewhere they failed badly. It’s all CalTrans’ responsibility here.

  • Bob Fry

    As a state engineer myself, though not with CalTrans, all I can say is CalTrans’ behavior throughout the building of the new span is a complete embarrassment. The Governor and Legislature really need to take seriously not only this particular bridge’s problems, but the culture and attitudes leading to the problems and casual coverup subsequently. So far, just like the bankers and Wall Streeters that caused the financial collapse, no one has accepted blame for this fiasco.

    • I’ll be Frank

      Maybe Jerry Brown wants to not dwell on the past, like Obama.

      “Oh sure the bank robbers took some money, but hey let’s not dwell on the past.”
      It’s the opposite of forensics.

      Sometimes crooks have friends in high places…

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