Raj Jayadev

Not all workers in Silicon Valley benefit from stock options and catered lunches. In 2001, Raj Jayadev and his friends founded Silicon Valley De-Bug, a local newsletter meant to give less affluent employees a voice. Today, De-Bug serves as a hub for community organizing and criminal justice reform, as well as a multi-platform media organization. Jayadev joins us as part of our First Person series on the leaders, innovators and others who make the Bay Area unique.

Silicon Valley Sparkplugs, Raj Jayadev from Pam Kelly on Vimeo.

Raj Jayadev, founder and executive director of Silicon Valley De-Bug; organizer of the Albert Cobarrubias Justice Project

  • Another Mike

    The newsletter that I remember being produced by temp workers at HP, etc. was called Temp Slave! Any connection?

    • SVDebug

      Naw, ours was just called De-Bug. I’d be interested in reading Temp Slave though if a copy or link is around!

  • victoria s.

    Love what this org is doing! Very impressive… Has Raj considered putting together a training program (workshops) that passes on these same tools in order to model this exact kind of de-bugging in other communities that are in dire-straights? Please! I am all ears! How do we start?

    • SVDebug

      Thanks Victoria! We do have some materials I can get to you, and would love to see if we can build with other communities! You, or anyone else who’s interested, can email us at: svdebug@newamericamedia.org. Thanks again!

  • Deborah Pruitt

    Awesome! Living your message through and through. Thanks for the inspiration this morning!

    • SVDebug

      Thanks Deborah!

  • Eric Shaw

    Raj and Debug are doing great work. They impressed me when I was a program officer at Silicon Valley Community Foundation. Glad to see that they are still going strong.

  • Jill Malone

    I am one of the people that attends DeBug’s Sunday meetings to advocate for a friend in prison. DeBug educates, empowers, builds community and achieves justice, peacefully and honorably, where otherwise it would have no chance.

  • Anna

    Wow, this is great! Nice work Raj and De-Bug!

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