Recovery efforts are underway after one of the strongest typhoons in recorded history slammed into the Philippines on Friday, leaving many residents without food, water or electricity. The southern city of Tacloban was reportedly hit the hardest by Typhoon Haiyan, with some early estimates saying as many as 10,000 people could be dead. We talk about the devastating aftermath and recovery efforts, and hear reactions from the Bay Area Filipino community.

Jeff Masters, meteorologist at Wunderground
Lilibeth Asera, member of the Filipino Community of Sonoma and Napa Counties
Terence Valen, president of the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns
Cesar Torres, retired professor of political science at the University of the Philippines
Robert Laprade, associate vice president of the Division for Humanitarian Response, Save the Children

  • i_witness

    Has anybody heard from Imelda Marcos? After all, she is from Leyte.

    • Bill Recto

      Huh I thought Imelda is from Illocos Norte since the Political Media in the Philippines say she’s from there. But Then again anything that comes out of any politicians mouth is propaganda. Back to this thread Its crazy that so many cities sit on former marshland like New York, New Orleans, Manila and now Tacloban. The People who build and live in cities on Marshland and deltas never thought about the fact that wetlands reduce floods during a typhoon.

  • i_witness

    To help, my family has forgone XMas presents this year to be able to give to those in need.

    • Bob Fry

      Good idea. May I humbly suggest we do that every year…many years ago my family choose to give to charity, instead of gifts, for the adults in the family. That way we don’t spend money on gifts for others that they don’t need and don’t want, and help those who really need something…surely closer to the spirit of Christmas.

  • Ellen Fargas

    Please consider giving to effective international organizations that are already on the ground since the earthquake: Boston based All Hands Volunteers, Philippine Red Cross.

  • Ellen Fargas

    Most international organizations can accomplish much more when they collaborate together ie All Hands Volunteers working with Habitat for Humanity in Cagayan de Oro helping the victims of Typhoon Sendong! They built houses for 400 families!

  • Constantine Soo

    Any donation from any country is needed and encouraged. I urge the reporter to not judge any nation’s sincerity by the size of its donation. Doing so will only discourage other countries from participating. Thank you.

  • asthmaticatom

    I was the last caller on the show. Here is a link to my donations page for my family. Page is updated frequently with news from the ground. https://fundly.com/relief-help-for-tacloban

  • For everyone’s convenience: I have compiled a list of Thypoon Haiyan and Yolanda related events over here: http://thypoonreliefbayarea.tumblr.com

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