On September 30, Janet Napolitano took over as president of the University of California, marking the first time a women has led the system in its 145-year history. The former U.S. Homeland Security secretary and Arizona governor joins us to talk about her vision for the 10-campus system at a time of tight budgets and rising tuition.

Janet Napolitano, president of the University of California,; and former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, from 2009-2013

  • Kurt thialfad

    I attended her Commonwealth talk. She said she wants to fill the graduate programs with foreign students, and give benefits to illegal alien undergraduates.

    • Skip Conrad

      This is the California PRP (Population Replacement Policy). Drive out the California middle class, and bring low wage low skilled foreign workers, and high skilled foreign tech workers. Only the elite get to stay.

  • Slappy

    For a job like UC president, there has to be a long line of QUALIFIED candidates out there. Why did she get it?

    • Skip Conrad

      Two words: Washington Connections. What else does she have to offer?

    • Another Mike

      Napolitano’s qualifications at this point are better than Clinton’s when he ran for President (legal career, governor of a larger state). So running the University of California is more demanding than being the President of the United States?

      How do you figure that?

      • Slappy

        During her tenure in the Obama administration she oversaw the increased number of professional molesters and xray scanners and aside from increased deportations of illegal aliens, to the best of my knowledge, did nothing that benefitted the general population in any way.

        The president of the UC system is supposed to work toward policies that benefit the students. Given her past experience, I ask again, why did she get it?

        • Another Mike

          The primary responsibility of the modern university president is to obtain financial and other support for the institution. In the absence of tax revenue, this role is more important than ever. Napolitano is high profile, and her name can open doors. Also, she went to a private school, far more deft at milking the alumni than Cal has ever been.

          The next most important role is administrator. Napolitano ran a major state, and a major Cabinet department, so I think she can handle a major university system. The amount of politics inside a university makes a successful politician a natural candidate.

      • jurgispilis

        Clinton was so much more personable, and more charming.

    • Bob Fry

      Pure politics. Gov. Brown clearly OK’d her appointment to UCOP president…why? She is being setup as the Democratic candidate for governor next year if Brown doesn’t run, or in 5 years. If she wins the primary she’ll of course win the general election…then be in good shape for a run at the presidency.

  • Kristin Dessau

    With respect to questions on the subject of undocumented students, out of state and international students, Ms. Napoloitano’s answers display no awareness of the complexity of these placement numbers for frustrated California tax payers. I find her remarks hallow and uninspiring.

  • Livegreen

    Ms. Napolitano is obviously not from California, not listening to the concerns of California families and she is being extremely political trying to justify the large % of foreign students in a system that’s based in California & in large part paid for it by Californians.

    This has nothing to do with being around or exposed to international students. Our families already get that just living here, and traveling abroad like many of us do. I work with global colleagues, my wife is an immigrant, my son speaks three languages.

    But our children should not have even more competition getting into our state’s own University system because both political parties in our State Legislature are underfunding education, corporations want a cheaper workforce, and the UC system needs higher tuition to pay it’s growing costs.

    Do we run a system for California & it’s citizens or not? Is the University of California part of our State Government or not? It sounds like Ms. Napolitano thinks not.

    • Kurt thialfad

      It was interesting to hear her excitement at giving benefits to DACA students – foreigners without visa in the US illegally, who are going to college. But many of these illegal foreigners enjoy higher education benefits in their home countries, such as low/no tuition, national healthcare, etc. Benefits which are not available to the middle class California kid. Many DACA students are gaming the system. Remember, DACA students are not only from Mexico – they are from everywhere on the planet. It’s one thing to fund a few kids from Mexico. It’s quite another to do the same thing for the entire mass of humanity up to age 31 or 35. So shame on you Nazipolitano.

    • Another Mike

      The Golden Age of California — the mid 1950s to 1993 — were based on prosperity created by the Cold War. California was chock full of military bases and military contractors from Sacramento and Vallejo down to San Diego. The legislature decided to abolish university tuition.

      The surge of federal funds into California is long over.

      • jurgispilis

        Exactly! And there is this popular perception that somehow Silicon Valley was founded by immigrant entrepreneurs. On the contrary, it was founded by the defense industry, and every job posting contained the disclaimer: US Citizenship required.

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