We get the latest on a possible BART transit strike, and check in on labor negotiations in the East Bay, where AC Transit workers could go on strike Thursday morning.

Michael Cabanatuan, transportation writer for the San Francisco Chronicle
Clarence Johnson, AC Transit spokesperson
Dan Brekke, blogger and online editor for KQED News
Yvonne Williams, President, ATU Local 92

  • Bob Fry

    Even the tea-baggers finally quit extorting and threatening the public. Too bad transit workers won’t do the same.

  • Chomsky_P

    AC Transit has rules that allow employees to get paid for multiple hour breaks if they occur in the middle of a shift. Is the union relenting on rules like this? If so, I would guess that this is a strong reason why senior workers would strongly oppose the contract proposal.

    • Chomsky_P

      i stand corrected then

  • Lawrence Kolb

    It’s unusual for union members to reject two contracts recommended by their leadership. Is there a dissident element within the union at work here?

    • Chomsky_P

      I agree that it is unusual. I suspect senior members are pissed at some aspect that changes overtime rules or changes route selection/break payment rules

  • Chomsky_P

    It is easy to say that you support workers, but I suspect many of those that “support” workers might change their mind when they are forced to pay more for BART and pay more in bridge tolls to support BART and pay more in property taxes to support BART.

  • Chemist150

    They argue about cost of living. My wife and I own and have a $1700 mortgage. It’s affordable.

    They work on BART and can get a fee commute to any of it’s locations. They don’t have to live in SF. They can live somewhere cheaper to save money for a down payment like the rest of us that DON’T get fat pension plans with healthcare in the private sector and have to provide for our own retirement.

    No sympathy.

    BART sucks. I drive to work, it takes 45 minute. After I drive to BART, it takes 1.75 hours and drops me off 3 miles from work with no shuttle and costs more.

    How about a tube to San Mateo.

  • Danielle Patrice

    BART unions owe it their riders to explain exactly why the current proposal is inadequate. They got their money after holding us hostage all week. What else is worth torturing hundreds of thousands of people? We all deserve a reasonably happy work environment, but they need to explain to us why the cost is our public transportation and bay area economy. Even the GOP had a clear list of demands and they explained that the shutdown was necessary because of empty fear mongering, but they still gave us reasons! I can’t say exactly what the BART workers deserve, but me, a tax-paying, born & raised Bay Area citizen, I don’t deserve this stress and uncertainty and burden on my daily life.

    Does anyone know? Can us citizens sue the Unions for the damage to our economy and all the pain and suffering they’ve caused?

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