Even after 20-plus years of writing, novelist Dani Shapiro admits that writing books doesn’t get any easier. Writing is a solitary task, she says, and “there’s no reason to think the world is waiting for you.” Shapiro’s latest book, “Still Writing,” offers advice to her fellow writers on staying focused and inspiring creativity. She joins us in the studio.

Dani Shapiro, author of "Still Writing," "Black & White," "Slow Motion," and "Devotion"

  • Darshana Nadkarni

    Beautiful words on challenges of “writing” by Dani Shapiro on #Forum

  • Darshana Nadkarni

    So often writers don’t read! – so true – my friends tell me they too want to write a blog like me (www.darshanavnadkarni.wordpress.com) but they don’t read! I say, if you simply want to be opinionated and want to share your opinions but you don’t read, then you simply can’t write anything of any interest to anyone!

  • Darshana Nadkarni

    “Internet is crack for writers” Dani Shapiro – you are so right! I am always getting distracted and so addicted to going from site to site – all in the name of research for my blog http://www.darshanavnadkarni.wordpress.com

  • William – SF

    I love to write and hate to write. Other days I hate to write and love to write.
    Reading often makes up for the conflict, and is too often a too easy way out of writing.
    Why are all my stories sad?
    Dani, why are all my stories sad?

  • Darshana Nadkarni

    “Writing is a solitary task” – Dani Shapiro. And yet – it is incredibly social activity,

  • Claire R. Cohn

    I liked your comment about your inner voice and which one to listen to – the one of self-expression and/or the one of responding to serving others (needs for your message).
    I feel the challenge of responding to those two voices with respect to writing my thoughts via memoir or other forms of writing. I teach Qi Gong and mindfulness meditation and think I “could write” but dislike the solo time so avoid it. Am I in resistance and not ready?

  • Neil Sinclair

    I am a poet. It’s all the perils of writing cubed.

  • Whitney Wyatt

    Not familiar with Dani, but she won my heart with her comments about confidence. I don’t know why I have to write, but I do, and every time I sit down to do it, I go through a moment of doubt and fear –that it just won’t happen again.

    I feel like Superman handling Kryptonite, I should be wearing asbestos gloves, I am messing with something that I can’t control and it is exhilarating and scary and heady and the best thing on earth.


    Whitney Wyatt

  • Marika Delan

    only caught the end but hope to catch you tomorrow in Marin. thank you for your tremendous wisdom in a writing world that is new and scary and difficult to navigate without the guidance of an experienced trekker. thank you, Dani

  • Kristin Theiss

    I’m not a writer, but I was so interested in her insightful and articulate interview, I couldn’t stop listening. I would have kept listening had time not ran out. Thank you Michael for yet another great interview.

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