Local author Richard North Patterson is best known for his tense, well-researched thrillers set in the present day, dealing with topical issues like terrorism and gun control. But in his latest book, “Loss of Innocence,” he takes readers back to the summer of 1968 and the social upheaval of that time. Patterson joins us to talk about the book, and about how he made the transition from San Francisco trial lawyer to bestselling writer.

Richard North Patterson, author of 21 novels including "Loss of Innocence;" and former trial lawyer and attorney for the Securities and Exchange Commission

  • Skip Conrad

    Interesting comments by Patterson about the government game of chicken between Boerner and ‘Bama. To say that it’s all the fault of this small cadre from the republican right, strikes me as somewhat disingenuous. In the previous Bush administration, there was another republican right, which was called the “neo-cons”, small, pro-Israel, warmongers. The current republican right has been labelled the “tea party”, large, grassroots, pro-America, pro-peace. What’s to hate?

    What I want to know is, who is representing the interests of the American people? I don’t believe it’s the democrats, nor the administration. And I don’t believe that it is the tea party who is responsible for shutting down the government.

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