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Hector Perez grew up listening to his parents’ traditional Mexican folk music as a child in Los Angeles. Now, the Oakland-based producer and composer is shaking up tradition with his project Sistema Bomb, blending that Son Jarocho music from Veracruz, Mexico with a modern, electronic twist. His collaborations with bands like Ozomatli and Calle 13 even earned him a Grammy nomination. Perez tells us how he produces his unique sounds, and showcases some new tunes.

Hector Perez, musician who performs under the moniker Sistema Bomb, nominated for a 2013 Grammy

  • Robert Thomas

    Great! Must hear. My LP of _Space-Age Bachelor Pad Music_ is a treasure. It’s like late-period Salvador Dali transmogrified into an instrumental ultra-stereophonic aural apotheosis. JG Esquivel wore the greatest eyeglasses, ever. He would have loved the name Sistema Bomb.

    I don’t recall a García-Márquez character called Esquivel. What a great factoid. Such charmingly, puzzlingly non-sequitur English teacher interjections from our host are gems – they are freaking GEMS. Did you know that Hector is a character in the Iliad? That was cool.

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