Carolyn Cooke

For her new short story collection “Amor and Psycho,” Bay Area author Carolyn Cooke says she was interested in creating characters “who felt kind of an imperative not to fit into the world they were given.” Among her out-of-place protagonists are a young San Francisco slam poet, a millionaire pornographer with a Manhattan penthouse and a man whose wife is transformed into a dog. The book is Cooke’s first published work to be set partially in Northern California, where she has lived for the past 20 years.

Carolyn Cooke, author of the new story collection "Amor and Psycho," and of previous books including "Daughters of the Revolution" and "The Bostons"

  • Tony Phillips

    This is literature that jabs and jolts, unexpectedly, sometimes like lightening cracking open the mind, lighting up the view.

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