Oracle Team USA crosses the finish line

Oracle Team USA won its fifth consecutive race in the America’s Cup Monday, narrowing the New Zealand team’s lead to 8-6. The tense competition is now being called the greatest America’s Cup in the 162 years of the event. It’s been drawing hundreds of thousands of cheering spectators to San Francisco’s waterfront. That’s an exciting turnaround for the America’s Cup, which has faced criticism after failing to attract more than four teams to the competition and after Oracle was slapped with a penalty for cheating.

Tom FitzGerald, sports writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, covering the America's Cup
Kimball Livingston, blogger for Blue Planet Times and co-author of the official book of the America's Cup 2013, "Sailing on the Edge"

  • I’ll be Frank

    America’s what?

  • John

    I hope Oracle is giving KQED a nice donation for this coverage.

  • bernice

    I’m very interested in the AC race, and find the competition has that thrill that inspires. I am also pleased that San Franciscans are so friendly to the Kiwis. Many of us are willing to celebrate the winner whoever that may be.

  • Rod Sinks

    Wonderful mix of cutting-edge technology, flying boats, tight competition and an amazing comeback. And the TV coverage on NBC/Cozi 11.2 /Comcast 186 has fantastic graphics and video including shipboard cameras and microphones.

  • ordinary guy

    Its interesting the so many people are upset about Oracle’s
    sponsorship of the the USA boat. The money behind the
    New Zealand boat comes from Emirates (UAE), which mean oil
    interests. And what of the fact that UAE treats women as
    possessions and gays as criminals.

    This sport, along with most professional sports, is driven by
    greed, ego, and elitism. For this reason, I find it hard
    to care about any of it.

  • Beth Grant DeRoos

    Love that America’s Cup and Oracale Team USA download videos over on YouTube all day. Love watching them and love the educational aspect we get from learning how the boats were designed, the various jobs each crew member has etc.

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